May 26, 2022
Who has the fastest WooCommerce hosting

People shop online because it’s more convenient than walking up and down aisles in a crowded store. However, customers get frustrated when they encounter slow ecommerce search, or if pages take too long to load. Slow sites hurt sales too.

If you’re new to ecommerce, you might think all hosting is the same. You buy a domain, pay for WooCommerce hosting, and your site should work just like everyone else’s, right? Not exactly.

A good host can make all the difference in the speed of your online store. But not all hosts are created equally.

Your store’s success relies on website performance. And great ecommerce performance starts with fast WooCommerce hosting.

Keep reading to learn what to look for and who offers the fastest WooCommerce hosting.

A Platform AND A Host? But Why?

The best, most-customizable platform for ecommerce is WooCommerce. When added to WordPress, WooCommerce creates additional functionality, enabling you to use WordPress to create custom, beautiful stores.

Since WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce platform, you still need hosting. It’s not like Shopify, where you have a store and it’s hosted on Shopify servers (check out why Shopify isn’t as spiffy as it sounds).

With WooCommerce, it’s separate because it’s truly yours. When you build a site on WordPress, you can take it anywhere you want. When you build a Shopify site, you can point your nameservers to your new host, but you have to remake your site from scratch.

Things are kept separate in the open source world because no one else owns your store — only YOU do.

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Get WooCommerce Hosting That Matches Your Needs

There’s no shortage of managed WordPress options. The same goes for managed WooCommerce hosting. It’s important to carefully vet the hosting providers you’re looking at.

WooCommerce is built on WordPress, so it’s easy to understand why some might think WordPress hosting is universal. WooCommerce transforms WordPress into an ecommerce powerhouse. But when you have an online store, your hosting needs change.

A lot of hosts are great for WordPress but aren’t really built for ecommerce. Hosts like Bluehost, GoDaddy, and WP Engine don’t really focus on WooCommerce. Think of it this way: you can bake in a stock pot and you’ll still get a cake, but it makes more sense to use a pan that’s made specifically for cake baking. You still have hosting — but it won’t meet your specific needs.

What are the unique needs for WooCommerce hosting? Let’s find out.

Increased Database Queries

WooCommerce sites create a ton more database queries than a WordPress site. Customers aren’t looking at a single blog entry before logging off the page. They’re clicking through multiple product pages, checking out different options, and signing up for your newsletters — there’s a lot more being called up every time a customer interacts.

That doesn’t even factor in user accounts being created, orders being placed, or any of the data that is unique to your store. All of these interactions draw on your site’s resources (which, shocker!) slows down your site.

When you’re utilizing cheap hosting, you hit capacity pretty quickly. “Unlimited” plans have hidden caveats that will send your site offline before you’re ready, leading to lost sales and angry customers. You’ll likely get told you need to upgrade at astronomical rates — for scalability you might not need the next day.

External Calls

Are you pushing updates to social media? Maybe you use an external API for added functionality. You might have tax services, external monitoring solutions, or any number of extensions that aren’t native to WordPress.

For certain, you’ll be sending a ton of emails — order confirmations, shipment notifications, cancellations and updates, email nurtures, and newsletters. All of these take up resources. If you’re using WordPress hosting and drawing on all these resources, you’re giving your database a lot of work it can’t adequately handle.

Sell your products online, worry-free

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Caching layers work for WordPress sites, but unfortunately it doesn’t work the same way for WooCommerce sites.

With regular WordPress sites, the pages being cached are static: landing pages, blogs, etc. Customers browsing a WooCommerce site are interacting with dynamic pages — and they simply cached differently. You can’t cache the interactions on a checkout page, your cart, or account pages.

If you did cache these sessions, some wonky things might start happening. Customers might see products appearing in their carts they didn’t intend to order. They might see other customer’s account details. Ecommerce site security is important — you don’t want to compromise sensitive data.

This is why you need a WooCommerce hosting solution that is uniquely built for the ecommerce experience. Solutions like utilizing plugins and a CDN that enables fast loading of assets are easily integrated into the WooCommerce platform.

X Marks The Spot: The Fastest WooCommerce Hosting

Finding the fastest WooCommerce hosting solution for your store might seem like a bothersome hunt — but you can be assured that doing some research will help you find treasure.

It helps if you have some markers to find what you’re looking for. Fast speeds aren’t determined by just one number. When we say “fast hosting” we’re looking at page load time, mobile speed, and desktop speed.

You’re looking for low numbers for measures like First Contentful Paint, First Meaningful Paint, and Time to First Byte. If you’ve got an existing site, you can check in on your store’s speeds in Google Lighthouse or

There’s a reason Managed WooCommerce is stiff competition. We’re consistently fast, we’re SEO friendly, and we’ve got more of what you need across the board.

If you select hosting that’s geared to WordPress, yes, it’ll work. It’ll also quickly need scalability options or upgrades. You’ll need plugins or extensions, and you’ll need to make a lot of decisions you may not readily know the answers to.

What Makes Us the Fastest WooCommerce Hosting

Here’s what makes Nexcess different.

PHP Workers

Nexcess plans offer significantly higher PHP worker levels in comparison to our competitors. What are PHP workers? They’re like checkout lanes at the grocery store. The more checkout lanes there are, the more customers can check out at the same time. If the store offered only one or two lanes, it would take forever. More workers equals faster speeds.

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Dedicated Hosting

Other hosts might end up hosting your stores on high-density shared hosting, which means you are sharing resources with other customers' stores. Sharing is caring, until you’ve got nothing let for yourself. The fastest WooCommerce hosting is dedicated hosting — and that’s what you get with Nexcess.

Site Optimization

Once you’re migrated over to Nexcess, we actually provide site optimization. Submit a support ticket and we’ll make sure that your store is lightning fast for your customers.

Scaling & Caching

Our fully managed WooCommerce hosting plans include many performance-enhancing features, like auto-scaling, Redis object caching, and a built-in full-page cache.

Built-In CDN

With our ultrafast in-house CDN, we make sure your site’s assets are blasted out quickly to customers. We give you more to supercharge your site, bottom line.

The Maglev Train of WooCommerce Hosting

You know why you need fast performance. You know what your site relies on to be fast. What are you waiting for?

When you launch a store on Managed WooCommerce, you’re not just getting super fast speeds. You’re getting legendary support, premium plugins curated for store owners just like you, bundled security tools, and so much more.

Get in the driver’s seat and see why WooCommerce is the fastest, easiest way to launch an online store.


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