June 10, 2021
Nexcess Leads in PHP Performance, WordPress Queries in New Report

Review Signal recently conducted a test to determine WooCommerce hosting performance benchmarks for 2021. They tested 11 leading web hosts, including Nexcess.


Nexcess blew the competition out of the water on WP queries and PHP performance — two critical factors that affect site speed.

Keep reading to understand why these metrics are important to site owners like yourself.

How the Test Was Administered

With core values of transparency and honesty, Review Signal curates reviews of web hosting companies to provide useful information and insights for the public. They publish their algorithms and methodology if you’re curious about how they go about their testing.

In this experiment, Review Signal determined performance on:

  • Peak performance — measured how well hosting responded to large numbers of users visiting a website.
  • Consistency — measured using uptime monitoring to ensure servers could remain available over an extended period.

For consistency, the tests for all hosts were performed on a WooCommerce dummy site with the same plugins. The same theme was used for each, as were sample products.

To test peak performance, they went from 10 to 1000 users, then stayed at 1000 users for an extended period.

WP Queries and PHP Performance Results

You can see the results below for PHP performance and WP queries. In this chart, being low in blue and high in red is key — that represents fast PHP processing and large amounts of WP queries.

As you can see, Nexcess led the pack with the best performance in this test.

PHP performance and WP queries test results

Why Does This Matter?

It’s great to do well in a performance test. But what does that mean for site owners?

Well, today’s WordPress sites are pretty dynamic and interactive. They’re often ecommerce stores, online learning sites, membership sites, and more. These sites go beyond a basic blog — and they require more than just caching to perform well.

To be successful, these sites need to be able to handle a lot of PHP processing and WordPress queries. A host that can take on these demands will provide you with fast site speed.

If you want to speed up WordPress sites, look for a host with fast PHP processing, and large amounts of WP queries.

Improve Performance With the Right Host

At Nexcess, we’ve seen sites double their performance and speed, just by switching to Nexcess fully managed hosting.

Learn more about optimized hosting with Nexcess. Or, see for yourself the difference Nexcess can make for you.

With Nexcess, you get:

  • A built-in Edge CDN powered by Cloudflare
  • Image compression for fast sites.
  • 24/7/365 support.
  • No traffic limits.

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