Maddy Osman
Maddy Osman

Maddy Osman is a WordPress expert, WordCamp US speaker, bestselling author, and the Founder and SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith. She has a B.A. in Marketing from the University of Iowa and is a WordCamp Denver organizer while also operating The Blogsmith, an SEO content agency for B2B tech companies that works with clients like HubSpot, Automattic, and Sprout Social. Learn more about The Blogsmith's process and get in touch to talk content strategy:

Image of business owners in the workplace with the Magento logo

13 reasons why Magento is ideal for B2B business

Want to learn about what makes Magento ideal for B2B online stores? Here are the 13 Magento B2B features that will boost your ecommerce business’s growth.

Man at a desk in front of a monitor

PHP open_basedir: How to disable PHP open_basedir to improve Magento performance

PHP open_basedir limits scripts for accessing directories to improve Magento security. However, this security comes at the cost of ecommerce performance.

Illustration of a lock and desktop window representing optimal enterprise security with secure cloud hosting.

Secure your enterprise with Nexcess cloud hosting: Reduce risk, enhance security, & stay compliant

Enterprise cloud security comes with many challenges and vulnerabilities. You can combat them by choosing a secure cloud hosting provider such as Nexcess.

Abstract illustration with Magento logo

The best Magento help desk extensions to supercharge your store’s growth

Automate, personalize, and upgrade your support tickets, chats, email, and agent experience with these marketplace-approved Magento help desk extensions.

Abstract illustration with a picture of wires plugged into a server

NGINX vs. Apache — Choosing the best web server in 2024

Figuring out what web server to use in 2024? Explore the difference between Apache and NGINX and select the best server software for your business website.

Crash proofing ecommerce website

Crash-proofing your ecommerce website: 8 things to consider before a big sale

A website outage during a sale undoes all your hard work. Here are 8 things you can check before a big sale to avoid ecommerce website crashes.

Key Differences Between Cheap and Good Hosting

9 real differences between cheap hosting and good hosting

Trying to find the best hosting possible, at the cheapest price point? We’ve uncovered the key differences between good and cheap hosting.

6 Ways To Fix Cloudflare’s Error Code 521 in WordPress

6 quick fixes to get rid of error 521 in your WordPress website

Error code 521 in a WordPress website occurs when Cloudflare can’t access your website’s web server. In this guide, we share six methods to fix it.

Magento 2 Page Builder: a beginner’s guide

Magento 2 Page Builder: a beginner’s guide

Magento 2 Page Builder helps you speed up enterprise project delivery without diminishing your brand image or promoting developer burnout. Here's how.

best website change monitoring software tools

6 best website change monitoring software tools for 2024

Looking for a user-friendly website change monitoring tool or software? Browse this list of the 6 best (free and paid) options available in 2024.

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