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Our WordPress Optimized Blog Platform (WP-OBP) Plans provide the fastest, reliable, secure, and scalable WordPress hosting solution with built-in components. Each WP-OBP functions as a self-contained and fine-tuned WordPress hosting environment. All WP-OBPs include a pre-installed WordPress blog running up-to-date software and optimizations for maximum performance, stability, and security.

WordPress in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Australia

Nexcess offers a full range of WordPress hosting options in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. View our US-based hosting options below.

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WordPress Optimized

Top of the line hardware with heavily optimized software.

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250 GB CDN

WP-OBP 400

Dedicated Hosting

Annually $ 494.45 (USD)/MO or $549.95 (USD) Monthly

500 GB CDN

WP-OBP 500

Dedicated Hosting

Annually $ 629.95 (USD)/MO or $699.95 (USD) Monthly

Try Auto Scaling with Nexcess Cloud

* Additional Bandwidth billed @$0.50/GB.
Development site creation billed @ $25 per site.
** OpenVPN billed $24.95/month on WP-OBP 400

WordPress OBP Dedicated Server Environment

RAID Protected SSDs
SAS Raid Controller
Hardware Battery-backed with 256MB write Cache
Secured, regularly updated X86 64bit CentOS Linux
Software Firewall
APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) tuned for security and speed
Fully burstable 100BaseTX, redundant Internet connections
Enterprise Level Cisco Catalyst 6500 series

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