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Magento Hosting in the Nexcess Cloud

Download Our Definitive Guide to Optimizing Magento 2

Selecting Magento as your eCommerce application of choice means more than just a quick install. We make sure your cloud account is tailored to the application’s heavy PHP load, caching requirements, and more. Find out how the Nexcess Cloud is optimized to run Magento.

Cloud Pricing



25 Concurrent Users
50 Concurrent Users
w/ Auto Scaling
50GB Disk Space
1TB Bandwidth


50 Concurrent Users
75 Concurrent Users
w/ Auto Scaling
75GB Disk Space
2TB Bandwidth


75 Concurrent Users
100 Concurrent Users
w/ Auto Scaling
125GB Disk Space
3TB Bandwidth



100 Concurrent Users
125 Concurrent Users
w/ Auto Scaling
400GB Disk Space
5TB Bandwidth
20 vCPU


125 Concurrent Users
150 Concurrent Users
w/ Auto Scaling
600GB Disk Space
8TB Bandwidth
26 vCPU


150 Concurrent Users
175 Concurrent Users
w/ Auto Scaling
800GB Disk Space
10TB Bandwidth
32 vCPU

Nexcess Cloud Auto Scaling

Our dedicated cloud platforms provide even the largest eCommerce stores with room to grow. Allow your Magento store automatic access to more concurrent users when it needs it.

Instant Dev Site Creation with Database Scrubbing

Instantly create and delete S, M, and L dev site platforms with their own temporary domain. Database scrubbing ensures all personal information is replaced with artificial values, allowing you to test and develop safely.

Cloud Accelerator with Nginx Microcache

The Nexcess Cloud Accelerator is a better way to manage the complex caching requirements of Magento, by allowing assets to be delivered to users’ browsers from memory directly.

Nexcess Beyond Management

Resolve any issues with your Magento 2 or Magento 1 store. Nexcess beyond level support means we go the extra mile, so your cloud account is always running at peak performance.

Optimized for Magento 2

When you host your store with Nexcess, your cloud account will be optimized for Magento 2. This means performance gains over other Magento providers and an improved Magento environment.

PCI DSS Compliance

Nexcess Cloud Magento hosting maintains Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), meaning your business will be able to process credit card data and ensure secure transactions.

The Nexcess Cloud

Optimized for Magento, Built for Your Business