WordPress versions guide

The ultimate guide to each WordPress version

What version of WordPress do I have? Learn about the latest WordPress version. Get a WordPress version history breakdown, including the current version of WordPress.

History of WordPress: From b2/cafelog to managed WordPress hosting

History of WordPress: From b2/cafelog to managed WordPress hosting

Learn everything you need to know about the history of WordPress. Explore its evolution, updates and upgrades and its journey to what it is today.

How to edit a WordPress homepage

How to edit a WordPress homepage

Trying to figure out how to edit the homepage of a WordPress site? Look no further! Nexcess will teach you how to customize your homepage in this article.

How to Edit HTML in WordPress

How to edit HTML in WordPress: 4 methods to try

Coding WordPress is necessary sometimes. Learn how to edit HTML in WordPress to customize your site. Read this guide on editing HTML in WordPress.

The Real Cost of Building a WordPress Website in 2023

The Real Cost of Building a WordPress Website in 2023

Is WordPress free? Learn more about WordPress hosting and WordPress website costs here. Read this article on how to estimate WordPress website design costs.

Building a Nonprofit Website

Building a Nonprofit Website: 9 Steps

Creating a website for your nonprofit organization is a must in 2022. Learn more about how to get started with creating a nonprofit website.

Is WordPress Easy to Use

Is WordPress Easy to Use?

If you want to make your own website, you may be wondering, is WordPress easy to use? Read this blog for an overview on WordPress and see how easy it really is.

How To Use WordPress RSS Feed.

How To Setup & Use WordPress RSS Feeds

WordPress RSS feeds can help boost website traffic and keep your audience updated. Click here to discover how to use them advantageously.

How To Quickly Reset Your WordPress Website [Step-by-Step].

How To Reset Your WordPress Website Fast: Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to know how to reset your WordPress site even as a beginner? Learn how to reset WordPress quickly with the WP Reset plugin and without.

How to add a sidebar in WordPress

How to Add a Sidebar in WordPress

You can use a few different methods, including using a WordPress sidebar template. Read this blog to learn how to add a sidebar in WordPress.

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