June 28, 2023
10 Top Magento development agencies and how to pick the best option for your business

Vetting Magento development agencies and selecting the best for your business is challenging. First, you'd comb the internet to find them and verify their Magento certifications and Adobe partnership statuses.

Next, you'd read their client reviews and employee feedback and interview them before assessing their services.

On top of that, the agency you finally choose will influence how your store turns out, including its:

  • Shopper checkout experience.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Security, compliance, and data safety.
  • User experience (UX) and accessibility.
  • Traffic and load management.
  • Growth and scaling.

To ease this process, we’ve compiled a list of 10 leading Magento development agencies. We’ll discuss their expertise, hourly rates, certifications, and target industries. We’ve also provided a nine-step process to help you evaluate your options. Here's what we'll cover.

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Top Magento development companies

- Rave Digital
- Absolute Web
- Brainvire
- Krish TechnoLabs
- i95Dev
- IWD Agency
- InteractOne
- Above The Fray
- ArgonDigital
- Human Element

These award-winning Magento partners hold Bronze, Silver, or Gold Adobe Solution partnerships. That means they follow the solutions, implementation, and ethics code of Adobe Commerce.

Rave Digital

Rave Digital is one of the top Magento development agencies for enterprise development.

Best Magento development agency for: Enterprise development.

Locations: USA, UK, Belarus, and India.

Magento developer cost per hour: $100 to $149.

Minimum project budget: $50,000.

Rave Digital is a Silver Partner of Adobe Solutions and employs 25+ Magento-certified specialists, including full-stack, cloud, front end, and JavaScript developers.

This firm’s B2B Magento experts can develop custom product ordering processes, advanced shipping and logistics management systems, and wholesale and catalog systems. They can also build solutions for multi-storefront businesses and B2C ecommerce brands.

Magento is used for 90 percent of the agency’s ecommerce development. Rave Digital’s client base is 40 percent enterprise, 40 percent mid-market, and 20 percent small businesses.

Core competencies:

  • Custom builds and development.
  • IT system integrations.
  • Code audits or reviews.
  • Extension optimization and customization.
  • Web accessibility review.
  • Internal team customizations for customer support, procurements, and operations.
  • Front-end, UX, and user interface (UI) development and optimization.

Top target industries: Medical, consumer products and services, and arts and entertainment.

Absolute Web

Absolute Web is a top Magento development agency for migrations, headless and progressive web app (PWA) implementation, and integrations.

Best Magento development agency for: Headless and progressive web app (PWA) implementation.

Locations: USA and Portugal.

Magento developer cost per hour: $100 to $149

Minimum project budget: $10,000.

Absolute Web is a top-rated Magento development agency with a global client base. It employs 30+ Magento specialists holding 52 certifications. In addition, it maintains a team of DevOps technicians, quality assurance engineers, certified developers, and Magento architects.

This ecommerce agency can customize existing Magento extensions or build custom extensions from scratch. Also, it offers unique shopping experiences, product templates, and sales optimization systems — useful if you’re looking to upsell, cross-sell, and bundle products.

Absolute Web can optimize checkout processes and integrate loyalty programs. It also can help you re-platform stores from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or complete other migrations.

Absolute Web’s client base is 60 percent mid-market, 30 percent small businesses, and 10 percent enterprise. It develops 50 percent of its ecommerce systems on Magento and otherwise uses Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Core competencies:

  • Headless and progressive web apps (PWAs).
  • Magento solution architecture.
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) and integrations.
  • Server optimization.
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and security.
  • Ecommerce platform migration and upgrades.
  • Magento maintenance.
  • DevOps and cloud hosting.
  • Product information management.

Top target industries: Retail, ecommerce, consumer products and services, and manufacturing.


Brainvire is one of the top Magento development agencies for bespoke Adobe Commerce solutions.

Best Magento development agency for: Bespoke Adobe Commerce solutions.

Location: Canada, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, USA, New Zealand, UK, and Egypt.

Magento developer cost per hour: $25 to $49.

Minimum project budget: $25,000.

Brainvire is a Gold Partner of Adobe Solution that develops 80 percent of its ecommerce systems on Magento. It has 70+ certified employees holding 99 certifications and 122 credentials.

You can get B2B and B2C Magento development services delivered by Brainvire. In addition, it offers a Quick Launcher program that accelerates development to deliver projects in only a few weeks.

This digital agency helps clients create consistent consumer interactions. You’ll also gain assistance with technical maintenance, bespoke website development, and store testing.

Mid-market businesses account for 60 percent of Brainvire's clients — enterprises make up 30 percent, and small businesses make up 10 percent.

Core competencies:

  • Magento ecommerce solutions.
  • Theme customization.
  • Magento enterprise resource planning (ERP).
  • SAP and extension integration.
  • Customized Magento development.
  • Module and extension development.
  • Magento migration.

Top target industries: Media, retail, automotive, consumer products and services, dental, and medical.

Krish TechnoLabs

Krish TechnoLabs is one of the top Magento development agencies for D2C store and marketplace development.

Best Magento development agency for: Direct-to-consumer (D2C) store and marketplace development.

Locations: Australia, India, UAE, UK, and USA.

Magento developer cost per hour: $100 to $149.

Minimum project budget: $25,000.

Krish TechnoLabs is a Gold Partner with Adobe Solution. It has 65+ certified employees holding 95 certifications and 112 credentials. The agency develops 65 percent of its ecommerce systems on Magento, 25 percent on Shopify, and 10 percent on other systems.

Krish offers four-week accelerated ecommerce store development for B2C, B2B, and multi-vendor marketplace brands. You can enjoy faster time-to-market speed and control the total cost of ownership (TCO) without compromising quality.

You can complete projects of all sizes with this agency. It has launched over 350 storefronts and worked with notable brands like Nestle Waters, DuPont, and Abbott. Krish’s client base is 60 percent small businesses, 30 percent mid-market, and 10 percent enterprise.

Core competencies:

  • Magento migration and re-platforming.
  • Custom development.
  • UX and UI design.
  • Custom integrations.
  • Adobe Commerce consulting.
  • Store optimization and growth services.

Top target industries: Retail, consumer commodities and services, arts and entertainment, medical, and ecommerce.


i95Dev is a Magento development agency notable for pre-packaged and fixed-cost development.

Best Magento development agency for: Pre-packaged and fixed-cost development.

Location: USA, India, and Australia.

Magento developer cost per hour: Unavailable.

Minimum project budget: $25,000.

i95Dev is Silver-level in the Adobe Solution Partner Program. The agency employs 15 certified professionals holding 16 certifications and 21 credentials. Notably, it does 100 percent of its ecommerce work on Magento.

This agency combines technical expertise, efficient project management, and digital marketing know-how. It’s a convenient choice for businesses that weigh technical and nontechnical expertise when hiring agencies.

i95Dev personalizes its development offerings but still promises to deliver a cost-effective project in eight weeks.

However, that plan excludes content management system (CMS) pages and Magento B2B features. Adding advanced features may extend your project to 24 weeks.

On the other hand, i95Dev supports custom development projects and ERP integrations like Dynamics, Salesforce, SAGE 100, and QuickBooks. i95Dev’s client base is 40 percent small businesses, 40 percent mid-market, and 20 percent enterprises.

Core competencies:

  • Adobe Cloud development, optimization, migration, and management.
  • Magento ecommerce development.
  • Omnichannel ecommerce development.
  • Magento migration.
  • Customer experience design.
  • Magento integrations.
  • ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) integrations.

Top target industries: Retail, ecommerce, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution.

IWD Agency

IWD Agency is a Silver-level Adobe Solution Partner and best for Magento extension customization.

Best Magento development agency for: Magento extension customization.

Location: Ukraine and USA.

Magento developer cost per hour: $100 to $149.

Minimum project budget: Unavailable.

IWD Agency has 20+ certified employees who collectively earned 35 certifications and 36 credentials. This Magento development agency offers website design, development, marketing, and strategy solutions. It’s a Silver-level Adobe Solution Partner.

It creates made-to-order solutions, customizes open-source extensions, and provides brand-specific experiences. For example, IWD Agency has created Magento extensions that integrate with point-of-sale (POS) systems, store locators, order managers, and address validators.

Also, the agency provides marketing services to ecommerce stores. If you opt in, you’re assigned a project manager and a personalized dashboard to track progress and coordinate tasks.

Core competencies:

  • UX design.
  • Ecommerce strategy and growth.
  • B2B ecommerce optimization.
  • Ongoing Magento support and maintenance.
  • Magento integrations.
  • Magento store development and optimization.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.
  • Magento migration and re-platforming.

Top target industries: Ecommerce, automotive, and education.


InteractOne is a top Magento development agency for agile Magento development.

Best Magento development agency for: Agile Magento development.

Location: USA.

Magento developer cost per hour: $100 to $149.

Minimum project budget: $5,000.

InteractOne is an Adobe Solution Partner at the Bronze level. It’s based in ​​the USA with over 20 years of experience in ecommerce development. It works with mid-market ecommerce businesses that build on Magento systems.

This agency can help you connect Magento to systems for inventory, POS, order management, and other ERPs. InteractOne combines its Magento development expertise with digital marketing solutions.

It offers organic search, paid search, email marketing, and content development services. In addition, InteractOne can assist with Google Analytics (GA4) migration and consulting.

The agency has worked on projects for aviation brands like Sporty's, manufacturing brands like Medelita, and retail outlets like Shoe Sensation.

Core competencies:

  • Magento code audits and reviews.
  • Custom Magento builds.
  • Magento extension customization and optimization.
  • Ecommerce website maintenance.
  • Payment gateway Magento extensions.
  • Reviews of your ecommerce store’s accessibility.
  • SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) services.
  • Reporting and analytics integration.
  • Content marketing, including email marketing and content creation.

Top target industries: Business services, consumer commodities and services, financial, retail, and ecommerce.

Above The Fray

Above The Fray is a Silver Partner of Adobe Solutions and is notable for end-to-end ecommerce development and human resources outsourcing.

Best Magento development agency for: End-to-end ecommerce development and human resources outsourcing.

Location: USA.

Magento developer cost per hour: $100 to $149.

Minimum project budget: $25,000.

Above The Fray is a Silver Partner of Adobe Solutions, operating from the USA and offering development solutions in English and Spanish. This full-service agency has 15 Adobe-certified employees with 21 certifications.

The firm provides end-to-end Magento consulting, custom builds, digital commerce experiences, web design, and integrations to D2C and B2B brands. It also offers Magento website security, custom development, migrations, and website monitoring.

The agency also helps ecommerce businesses hire, train, and manage their technical staff.

Above The Fray develops 80 percent of its ecommerce systems on Magento. BigCommerce and Shopify make up the other 20 percent. About 65 percent of its clients are mid-market businesses. Small businesses account for 25 percent and enterprises for 10 percent.

Core competencies:

  • IT system integrations.
  • Magento UX and user interface optimization.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Web design for Magento.
  • Magento custom module and theme development.
  • Code audits or reviews for Magento.
  • Software project road-mapping and redesign.

Top target industries: Ecommerce, medical, manufacturing, and consumer products and services.


ArgonDigital is a top Magento development agency for digital transformation for B2B enterprises.

Best Magento development agency for: Digital transformation for B2B enterprises.

Location: USA.

Magento developer cost per hour: Unavailable.

Minimum project budget: $50,000.

ArgonDigital develops enterprise solutions like document digitization and management, enterprise app modernization, and business process automation.

If you're looking to create or upgrade an online store, digitize extensive product catalogs, or improve your product experience design, ArgonDigital can help.

This Bronze-level Adobe Solution Partner can solve abandoned cart management, checkout process, and product search issues. It can also configure shipping, sales tax, email services, chat, and marketing automation.

Half of the businesses that work with ArgonDigital are enterprise brands. Small businesses and midsize companies each account for 25 percent.

Core competencies:

  • Business process automation.
  • Enterprise content management.
  • B2B ecommerce development.
  • Software selection.
  • Mobile app development.
  • Technology road-mapping.
  • Employee training.
  • Store health monitoring.
  • UX design.
  • Custom website development.

Top target industries: Government, manufacturing, and arts and entertainment.

Human Element

Human Element is a Silver Adobe Solutions Partner recommended for Magento technical support and experience design.

Best Magento development agency for: Magento technical support and experience design.

Location: USA.

Magento developer cost per hour: $150 to $199.

Minimum project budget: $100,000.

Human Element is a Silver Adobe Solutions Partner with 40+ certifications. It develops 60 percent of its ecommerce solutions on Magento, 30 percent on BigCommerce, 5 percent on Shopify, and 5 percent on other platforms.

You can capitalize on Magento code audits, support and maintenance, integrations, and other Adobe solutions from this software development company. Human Element also provides 24/7 security monitoring services, campaign A/B testing, website enhancement, and extension services.

The firm can handle technical problems that are hurting your sales, like slow website load speeds, inefficient cart checkout, and Magento payment gateway issues.

Human Element’s clients are 50 percent small businesses, 40 percent mid-market, and 10 percent enterprise.

Core competencies:

  • Magento support and maintenance.
  • Code audits.
  • Experience design.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Adobe Commerce consulting.
  • Magento development.
  • UX architecture and brand strategy.
  • System monitoring and response.
  • Magento and ERP integrations.

Top target industries: Ecommerce, supply chain, manufacturing, and automotive.

How to choose the best Magento development company

Let's assume you've taken the first step toward hiring an ecommerce developer. That is, you've created a project plan. Next, use this checklist to vet and hire the best Magento development company for your business.

Review portfolios

Assess each company's portfolio for its range of experience in design and development. Consider projects from different industries and business sizes. How would you rate their design aesthetics and functionalities on mobile and other surfaces? Additionally, verify that they use up-to-date ecommerce technologies.

Development experience with businesses like yours

Ensure the Magento development agencies have experience in your industry. Check if they have completed similar projects, understand SEO for your audience, and work with companies like yours.

Investigate their customer support

High-quality support is self-evident in speedy, empathic replies and issue resolution. That's why 77 percent of businesses consider customer experience a vital differentiator.

Read customer feedback on independent review sites. Then, engage each company's support and development team and assess your experience.

Assess employee feedback and sentiments

The company culture of a Magento development agency will impact the quality of work you receive. Employees in a gratifying work environment are more likely to complete tasks faster and find creative solutions to problems.

Glassdoor and similar employer review platforms are excellent places to see whether the workplace fosters high-performing employees who enjoy their jobs.

Review security architecture and protocols

As you look for an agency, consider the security protocols for protecting your website and customer data.

If you’ve already taken steps to secure your Magento website from your side, you could still get compromised. Recent reports say that 40 percent of cyberattacks come from the software supply chain.

Ask about their encryption, threat detection, and data protection practices. Request proof of commitment to monitoring security trends and responding quickly to emergencies.

Weigh scalability potential

Ask agencies about their response to clients whose needs change. For example, how do they handle additional feature requests? How do they keep up with market trends?

Focus on companies that have the experience and technology to support your aspirations to expand. Also, ensure their development teams provide tailored solutions without sacrificing quality.

Evaluate development processes

Ask about each agency's development processes, including project planning, development timeline, and testing strategies.

Inquire about their approach to Magento projects in particular. If you have any custom needs, discuss them with the developers.

Request quotes

Magento development agencies set their pricing based on the number of items sold, the number of hours worked, or a flat fee. Each pricing model is most cost-effective for a certain scenario, so compare them based on what you’ll need on average.

However, when your sales grow, you may need more robust solutions, which attract higher costs. Or perhaps additional features need budget allocation in the future. How well would each agency hold up?

Choose the best Magento development agency for you

Use the points above to identify your top two or three Magento development agencies. Then, schedule calls to discuss your needs. Lastly, choose the Magento agency that fits your profile.

Final thoughts: Top Magento development agencies and how to vet them

Finding quality Magento development agencies demands time and effort. And the agency you choose will significantly influence your business outcomes. It’s a high-stakes decision.

But our list of the best Magento development agencies will help you cross that bridge. Plus, you have the above checklist to help you evaluate agencies even if they didn't make the list.

Now you know how to find an agency, take it a step further. Ask prospective agencies if they use dedicated enterprise Magento hosting solutions, such as Nexcess, because Magento is a technical web development tool with unique hosting needs.

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