Zachary Armstrong
Zachary Armstrong

Zachary is a Linux Technician and Cloud Technology Specialist. Since childhood, he has had an interest in computers and the Internet. He decided to share his knowledge and passion through writing. In fact, Zachary believes that a good article can inspire people or help them to disassemble a complex idea into a very simple one for better comprehension.

Zachary is a writer who specializes in breaking down complex subjects and making them easy to understand. He has a passion for technology, believes it can change the world for the better, and wants to tell the whole world about it.

On a personal note, Zachary loves art and science, especially the field of Neuroscience. If you are also passionate about how the brain works, then you have something to talk about with him always.

There is funny story about his work for Nexcess and Liquid Web. Before Zachary explained how he tells people about interesting things on the Internet, his six-year-old sister thought he was a TikToker!

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