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Configuring a high-availability WordPress website: Step-by-step guide

To maintain 100% uptime, you need high-availability WordPress hosting. Learn how to implement it with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

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Magento Amazon integration: 8 best extensions for sellers

Expand your reach on the number one ecommerce marketplace with Magento Amazon integration. Learn from Liquid Web about the top 8 Magento Amazon extensions.

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How to edit a footer in WordPress

Learn how to edit a footer on a WordPress site with our step-by-step guide. Safely and quickly change footer links and copy on your WordPress site.

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10 Magento marketing strategies that’ll help you boost conversions

Increase your traffic, leads, and sales with these Magento marketing strategies. Learn how to grow your business with ecommerce automation tools and email.

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How to start an ecommerce business

Looking to start an ecommerce business? Here's all you need to know before starting your online business, with 6 tips to help your ecommerce store succeed.

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Ecommerce customer data management tips

Ecommerce data management is crucial for your ecommerce site. From collecting data to analyzing the information, data management can make a difference.

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The history of Magento and how Nexcess aided its adoption and growth

Explore Magento’s history to discover the origin of this open-source ecommerce platform. Learn about its rise, funding, versions, and ownership transition.

State of the Word recap

Everything you missed from the 2023 State of the Word

State of the Word was a celebration of community and collaboration. Here’s the hard and fast recap of what you missed.

Woman in front of a brick wall with Magento logo in the background

The complete guide to Magento 2 multi-language store setup and extensions

Learn how to set up a Magento 2 multi-language store with our guide. Configure different language views besides English to increase your global reach.

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Should you accept guest posts on your blog: A comprehensive guide

Thinking about accepting guest posts? Our in-depth guide walks you through the pros and cons of guest posting and how to create guest posting guidelines.

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