May 11, 2022
Best ecommerce podcasts

Are you an ecommerce business owner and want to keep pace with emerging ecommerce trends? Or maybe you’re about to start your ecommerce journey and you’re looking for some guidance.

Fortunately, there are tons of people willing to share their experience, advice, and walk you through how to start an ecommerce business. And a lot of these ecommerce experts are sharing their advice on podcasts.

Learn from their mistakes and their successes with this list of the best ecommerce podcasts in 2022.

There’s A Podcast For Everything!

If you are still unfamiliar with podcasting, it's time to change your perspective.

Over half of Americans have listened to a podcast at least once, and around 40% listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. And podcast listenership is growing. Monthly podcast listeners have grown by 61% in the US in the past three years.

It’s not exaggerating to say that there is a podcast for everything you can think of. News, interviews, educational series — you can find all types of content readily available to you. And yes, ecommerce has found its way into the world of podcasting as well.

Ecommerce podcasts are one of the best ways to learn from the ecommerce experts as they share valuable insight to the world of online sales. You can learn how the world’s ecommerce leaders approach building business processes and marketing strategies, and apply all the advice given to ensure the prosperity of your online business. Podcasts are arguably the best source of information to discover industry trends to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.

You can listen to podcasts from different platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or CastBox, among many others.

Let’s dive into the world of ecommerce podcasting and discover how the best ecommerce podcasts can help you take your business on a whole new level.

7 Best Ecommerce Podcasts of 2022

In no particular order, here are the best ecommerce podcasts to listen to this year.

1. EcommerceFuel

The EcommerceFuel podcast is hosted by Andrew Youderian, an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur. The podcast earned its popularity as Andrew sought to build the world’s largest community for ecommerce business owners to help them grow their customer base and provide valuable insight into industry trends.

Most of the time Andrew invites the industry experts to join him in the podcast episodes to discuss the best strategies to grow an ecommerce business and avoid mistakes, all advice given from their experience.

Who is the Podcast For?

EcommerceFuel is perfect for all categories of business owners, both newcomers and advanced entrepreneurs.

Popular Episodes of EcommerceFuel

2. Store Builders

The Store Builders Podcast, hosted by the ecommerce expert Chris Lema who has been in the industry for over two decades, focuses on providing top-notch advice for expanding your online business. Using the experience of the ecommerce leaders, Store Builders features insights into online retail trends and best practices, making it one of the best podcasts on all things ecommerce. Most episodes last around 20 minutes to keep it as informative and comprehensible as possible.

Who is the Podcast For?

The Store Builders podcast focuses on taking your business to the next level, including increasing your ecommerce customer base, which is a burning question for all ecommerce business owners regardless of their level of experience.

Popular Episodes of Store Builders

3. My Wife Quit Her Job

The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast, as its name implies, follows the story of the host Steve Chou 's wife's progress as an ecommerce entrepreneur since she quit her job to build her own business. They operate a business together and provide comprehensive guidance on everything you need to know to get started in the ecommerce world, including the challenges that you encounter along the way. This podcast follows the couple’s experience and was originally created to inspire corporate workers who have always dreamed of starting their own business to be brave enough to finally give it a try.

Who is the Podcast For?

While My Wife Quit Her Job is ideal for beginners to the ecommerce world, all the information in the podcast can be useful for business owners at all levels.

Popular Episodes of My Wife Quit Her Job

4. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show podcast has been in ecommerce podcasting since 2013. Originally created by four hosts, until this day the podcast is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs meet the challenges of the ecommerce world. Not all podcast episodes are about ecommerce, but all the insights provided from other online businesses can be applied universally. Most episodes are created in the form of an interview with a successful entrepreneur where they cover everything you need to know about customer base growth, marketing campaigns, and creating a personal brand.

Who is the Podcast For?

The Fizzle Show is perfect for those who would like to listen to advice from successful business owners as they uncover all the best strategies for growing your online business. The podcast episodes are not necessarily focused on ecommerce, which makes it a great source of general business advice.

Popular Episodes of The Fizzle Show

5. Ecommerce Influence

The Ecommerce Influence podcast, hosted by Austin Brawner, helps business owners build wealth and change their perspective on building a business for its long-standing purpose. New podcast episodes are available twice a week, most of the time featuring interviews with ecommerce experts. You can expect to hear advice on all aspects of building a successful ecommerce business, including how to avoid burnout and take care of your mental health while meeting all challenges of the business world.

Who is the Podcast For?

Ecommerce Influence covers a wide range of topics, which makes it one of the best ecommerce podcasts for anyone in the industry, from newcomers to experienced entrepreneurs.

Popular Episodes of Ecommerce Influence

6. Ecommerce Masterplan

Hosted by Chloe Thomas, the Ecommerce Masterplan podcast features weekly interviews with ecommerce industry leaders who share their insights into successful online sales. Ecommerce Masterplan will teach you all the best practices on how to acquire more customers, and improve customer retention.

Who is the Podcast For?

The Ecommerce Masterplan podcast is ideal for all levels, from newcomers to the ecommerce experts, as the guests invited provide their advice on operating an ecommerce business.

Popular Episodes of Ecommerce Masterplan

7. 2X Ecommerce

The 2X Ecommerce podcast is hosted by Kunle Campbell, who is an ecommerce growth advisor. The podcast’s main goal is to provide its listeners with a comprehensive guide on how to scale your ecommerce business. 2X Ecommerce features a series of interviews with world-class entrepreneurs who share their stories that will help you increase order values, customer base, traffic, and in the long term, grow your business by 2X.

Who is the Podcast For?

2X Ecommerce is a great ecommerce podcast for online sales professionals looking to grow quickly in today’s saturated market.

Popular Episodes of 2X Ecommerce

Now You Know

Podcasts are a fantastic form of digital media that is aimed at helping you absorb information in new ways. Ecommerce podcasts are undoubtedly one of the best sources of world-class online sales content that will ensure you are up-to-speed with all the best trends and expert strategies of the ecommerce world.

We hope now you have added a few podcasts to your list to check out in your free time. Discovering something new everyday is what we are absolutely for at Nexcess. But sharing it with you is what we love most!

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