Michael Pruitt
Michael Pruitt

Michael Pruitt is a Support Systems Administrator for Nexcess. He brings over a decade of experience to his current role. When not working, Michael can be found officiating roller derby bouts.

How to change your domain name for Magento 2

How to change your domain name for Magento 2

If you are rebranding your store or changing products, then a domain name change may be good. Learn how to change your domain name in Magento 2 with Nexcess.

Wix vs WordPress: Differences to Know

Comparing Wix vs. WordPress: 5 differences to know in 2023

WordPress and Wix are two of the larger entities in the industry. Check out how they differ and how they are similar in this helpful article from Nexcess.

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress is a great way to collect data & information about users. Learn how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site with Nexcess.

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