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Think outside the box -
or Square.

End the Squarespace vs. WordPress debate once and for all. StoreBuilder gives you the best of both.

Dig Deeper on Squarespace

Limited Product
No Phone
No Business

Is Squarespace Worth It?

Compare Value on StoreBuilder WordPress vs. Squarespace

Key Features
StoreBuilder by Nexcess
Custom Store DesignYesLimited
Unlimited EmailsYesNo
Open-Source PluginsYesNo
Transaction FeesNoYes*
Phone SupportYesNo
Keep Your WebsiteYesNo
Abandoned Cart RecoveryYesNo
*To avoid Squarespace’s pay-per-transaction fee, you need to pay at least $26 per month. The more money you make, the more money they take.

Keep Your Profits. And Pay Less for More.

StoreBuilder bundles the essential features your business needs for $19/month. No expensive add-ons, no profit deductions, no hidden fees.

Your website is Your Domain

Does Squarespace host domains for free? Sort of.
When your customers check out, Squarespace is in the URL. It’s free advertising for them on the domain you own.
StoreBuilder does not interfere with your checkout. We want to help you succeed, not steal your thunder.

Squarespace vs. WordPress

Only WordPress supports your wildest dreams. StoreBuilder is powered by WordPress, the most flexible website builder in the world
100% Customization
99.9% Uptime
Premium Plugins Included
Your First Month is FREE

StoreBuilder FAQs

StoreBuilder is the fastest & most flexible WordPress ecommerce builder. You don’t need to know WordPress at all. Everything is pre-installed and ready-to-rock.

Why You’re Going to Love StoreBuilder

More Money in Your Pocket

StoreBuilder gives you the premium tools you need to run a successful business at a low monthly cost.
Fast & Flexible

Creating your online store is quick and easy. Customize, connect payment gateways and get to business.
Modern Look & Custom

Add coupons, courses, product variations, video content and more!
Support Available

Get immediate answers to your StoreBuilder questions by phone, email or chat.
Your Store is Your

We want to see you succeed, even if that’s not with us. Your store is 100% portable.

With Fully Managed Hosting from Nexcess Better is Built In