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Global DNS Checker

Check what DNS servers around the world are reporting for results of DNS lookups. If you've just changed your nameservers and/or DNS records this tool will help track the propagation of these changes globally.

Name Location Result
Nexcess DNS #1 Dearborn, MI USA
Nexcess DNS #2 Southfield, MI USA
Google Public DNS Mountain View, CA USA
Sprint Overland Park, KS USA
Speakeasy Seattle, WA USA
Speakeasy Dallas, TX USA
OpenDNS San Francisco, CA USA
Alpha NetWork Vienna, Austria
EXETEL Rockdale, Australia
Pacific Internet Melbourne, Australia
University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC Canada
Mastertel Moscow, Russian Federation Beijing, China
InterNAP London, England
Deutsche Telekom Berlin, Germany
CloudItalia Telecomunicazioni Rome, Italy
Vodafone New Zealand Ltd. Auckland, New Zealand
Brazil Telecom Silvania, Brazil
Ensync Network Solutions Johannesburg, South Africa Hanoi, Vietnam