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What is
Open Source?

Learn why you should build your next website on an open platform and host it with open-source experts.

First, let’s define open source

This refers to software that is available for everyone to use, modify and share. The open-source philosophy is that software source code should be “open” and available to everyone.

How Open-Source Software Works

Step 1
A brilliant idea is born

Website creators share their ideas and challenges within the open-source community.
Step 2
Programmers invent a solution

Web professionals develop code, website components, templates and so much more.
Step 3
Users improve their own site

The finished product is available to use and tweak for free. Everyone saves time and learns more.

Why Use Open-Source Software?

It’s FREE. Seriously.

You’ll never pay a license fee to use the software or for any updates. Period.

Look under the hood.

No secret sauce here. Open-source platforms like WordPress and Magento make the source code available to developers. This means a longer shelf life and better platform improvements.

It’s virtually limitless.

When most of the web uses an open-source platform, businesses listen. Most brands and businesses build plugins or extensions that connect to your website or online store.

You’re in control.

Closed-source platforms like Shopify and Squarespace lock you into their proprietary ecosystem. This means should you want to transfer away, you’ll have to rebuild your site from scratch.
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Nexcess is an Open-Source Leader

Unlike other providers, we exclusively serve open-source websites. Magento, one of the most successful open-source ecommerce projects, was built from the ground up on Nexcess servers.
With 500,000+ websites under management, we continue to foster innovation with new features, products and tools to help our customers realize the power of open-source technology.

Identifying Open-Source Technology

All open-source projects share similar traits.
Free to Use
You don’t have to pay to use, edit or share open-source software.
Web professionals test solutions and leave reviews to improve the programming.
Radical honesty is essential. The proof is in the coding.
There is no legal barrier to sharing modified code (but it’s nice to salute your source).
Developers and web professionals work together to create the best solution possible.
Active Community
You can ask questions and get quick, helpful responses from professionals.
Visible Source Code
Inspect every line of code yourself to learn how it works, why it works and what it can do.
Limitless Applications
When knowledge is shared freely, the sky is the limit. You can do anything with your site or store.

The Many Applications of Nexcess Open Source

Build amazing online experiences without worrying about maintenance and get 24/7/365 support when you need it most.
Nonprofit Websites
Order Management Systems
Business Websites

How to Choose Your Open-Source Platform

Create, host and manage your website with a provider that has specialized in open-source software for 23+ years.
Build with WordPress

Publish your blog or build a booming online store
Great for small or large websites
Scales effortlessly
Vibrant open-source community
Trusted by millions of professionals
Get WordPress Hosting
Build with Magento

Powerful ecommerce solutions
Great for stores with bigger catalogs
Scales effortlessly
Vibrant open-source community
Trusted by millions of professionals

Get the Best of Open Source with Managed Hosting

Nexcess gives you all of the features of proprietary software without the hassle and fees.
Optimized for your site
We could drop a bunch of tech lingo like advanced caching and multiple CDNs, but what you really need to know is that we make your website really fast. Count on it.
Security that lets you rest easy.
Not all updates are created equal. Our advanced security and plugin monitoring exposes vulnerabilities and prevents them from taking down your site.
Support that has your back, and then some.
We love assisting our customers. It’s why so many trust us. Our expert staff is ready to help you day or night. And yes, you get to talk to a real, live human.

Open Source Software FAQs

Usually, open source means open-source software, which is when anyone can access, edit and share the source code of a website. The term “open source” applies beyond software too, and generally means a democratization of data and transparency.

Rated 4.5/5 on TrustPilot.
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Get Better Results

Very happy client here.
Exceptional service

At the end of the day there are few things that provide a client with more peace of mind than knowing that when they encounter an issue, they will receive exceptional support from their service provider. The Nexcess team offers exceptional support. Very happy client here.

- Amy M

Real, Responsive, and

As an account manager it is always a pleasure working with Nexcess on client projects! The team at Nexcess is consistently reliable, responsive, and customer success oriented!

- Nicole P

Outstanding service from
beginning to end

Outstanding Service from beginning to end and every time I have any contact with them, they are ready to help with a virtual smile. We need more businesses like them and I highly recommend they for any and all hosting, etc. Thank you so much, you have a customer for life!

- R.J. J

With Fully Managed Hosting from Nexcess Better is Built In