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What is a PWA?

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) provide tremendous value to orgs and users alike by increasing site speed, delivering a customized user interface, and offering stronger security and greater flexibility for ongoing website management.
PWAs are a web technology that have the look and feel of native mobile apps. Developers can use static site generators to launch highly engaging PWA storefronts that can then be connected to ecommerce platforms on the backend.
In addition to making your site much faster, PWAs offer a number of benefits:
  • Offline purchases
  • Push notifications
  • Stand-alone app experience
  • No marketplace submission / bureaucracy
  • Single code base for multiple platforms
Build a PWA on Managed Magento

Benefits of PWA

Using PWA technologies with the Nexcess platform, developers can build their own high-performance PWAs for their Magento stores.
Lightning Fast
PWAs utilize some of the latest technologies. This means they can load incredibly fast. At Nexcess we’re all about speed. It’s the easiest way to increase user engagement & conversions. And PWAs compliment our fast hosting to give you websites that load in the blink of an eye.
Easier Maintenance and Backwards Compatibility
PWAs utilize foundational web technologies like HTML, CSS, & Javascript. Once your PWA is set up these technologies can be maintained by any web professional.
A Great Experience that’s Also Cost-Effective
Users enjoy an app-like experience for a fraction of the cost. With a PWA you don’t need to create an iOS & Android version of your store. The PWA works for your website and can be saved to an Android or iOS device and function just like a traditional app.
Separated by Design
PWAs are headless which means they’re separated from the backend of the store by design. If there’s a problem with the frontend it won’t break the backend. And vice-versa. This means you can update a module in the backend and not stress about checking the front end of your website. Enjoy the piece of mind that comes from a modular & distributed site.
Enhanced User Experience (UX)
PWAs give users two very powerful app-like features: 1) push notifications 2) offline connectivity. You’ll get a lot more engagement with your users when they’re reminded to log back in and check your store even on a plane or the subway.
Ring That Cash Register
Nobody wants to wait. The app-like speed & ease-of-use should increase conversions and your bottomline.
Build a PWA on Managed Magento

Actively Supporting PWA

Nexcess is one of the only platforms to actively support new PWA technologies. We integrate & create more implementation guides for PWAs than any other host. So if there's a PWA technology you like, we likely already support it. And if we don't yet support the PWA - let our support team know and we'll see about adding it.
See the PWA technologies we integrate with:
Venia Storefront
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