June 10, 2022
The best "link in bio" is your own social media landing page, not LinkTree

You see it all the time — someone you follow on Instagram posts about a sale, product, or event. They’ll talk about the details and then encourage you to check it out via the “Link in bio!”

We’re betting you’ve clicked on that once or twice. 

If you’re a creator, you’re already setting yourself apart from others by making unique, quality content. You’re also being strategic about what content you put on display. Your social channel bios don’t have a lot of room — there’s usually only space for a link or two. How do you make it easy for followers to find your best content or offers fast — before losing interest and clicking away?

Social media is where you develop your brand. If you want your audience to remember you, why are you using a cookie cutter approach?

You’ve probably seen a LOT of profiles with LinkTree links in the bio. Let’s talk about what LinkTree is, how to create the best social bio link alternative to LinkTree, and what using a link landing page can do for your business.

What’s LinkTree?

The concept of LinkTree is pretty smart. It’s a landing page with every link you want to feature in one handy spot. You might know them as social bio links, link landing pages, social media reference pages, or a link in bio tool. It’s all navigation without hosting any of the content directly. These pages are used to promote your additional websites or content.

Who Uses Link Landing Pages?

While overwhelmingly used by creators, just about everyone is using LinkTree or LinkTree alternatives. Influencers use them to promote their other social media channels. Restaurants use them for quick links to their various menus and deals. Artists use them to showcase artwork. Bloggers can easily point to their most popular articles. Web designers can host every link in their portfolio — all at the same time and right at your fingertips.

What Goes On a Link Landing Page?

You can put whatever you want in your link landing page. Some folks put tip jars or “buy me a coffee” style CTAs. You can connect all your social media pages, your store, your resume — whatever content you want followers to see. You can also collect subscriber data using a social bio link.

Why Do I Want a Social Bio Link?

We know that half of visitors will leave a page if it doesn’t load in 6 seconds, so we can imagine the same frustration applies to them not being able to find the content they want easily. Unless the single link you have in your bio points directly to the product, event, or service you’re guiding your customers to, they’ll have to navigate themselves. The longer it takes to get what they’re looking for, the more you risk losing their attention.

Social bio links allow you to put your most wanted content on display — and can help you figure out what’s performing the best, too.

What Are The Cons to Using LinkTree?

LinkTree’s most basic plan is free, so if your needs aren’t too complicated, it may be the right solution for you. Free plans have the core functionality but none of the bells and whistles. As your brand grows, so will your needs.

When you use LinkTree’s free plan, you only gain access to Lifetime Analytics, which track total clicks, not clicks for individual links or social icon clicks. There are no marketing tool integrations until you reach the Pro level subscription, so if you use Mailchimp, Zapier, or even Google Sheets, you’re out of luck. 

What you’ll notice a bit quicker is that the free plan has limited customization options. If you pay for premium subscriptions, you can use whatever themes or background images you want. You can’t hide the LinkTree logo on either the free or starter plans.

Free plans look like free plans for a reason. They want you to pay for the top tier subscriptions. You’re already paying for hosting for your site — adding another service is just one more cost to add to your marketing budget.

What Are Some Alternatives to LinkTree?

There is no shortage of options to create a great social bio link. Social commerce is responsible for nearly $27 million in sales for the US alone — so making it quick and easy to find what you’re selling is vital. It’s easy to do that with one quick link. What are some alternatives to LinkTree?


Later’s Linkin.Bio is fully customizable and also has a free plan. Their paid plans offer in-depth analytics as well as “Best Times To Post” suggestions.


SeedProd is listed among some LinkTree alternatives — and one of its unique features is that it allows you to pick a custom URL for your business or brand. That’s true, but it’s also because you’re just paying for a whole new WordPress website.


Koji is a far more dynamic option that allows animated backgrounds and uses apps to offer additional features. You can host Ask Me Anything sessions, load a Spotify playlist, receive tips, and a lot more. It’s free to use, but Koji takes a percentage of any transactions originating from your account.

Wait, I’m Already Paying For A Site!

We didn’t want to remind you — but if you’re paying for hosting, you’re paying for the same capability LinkTree and its alternatives give you. If you can create a LinkTree page, you can certainly make and host your own social bio link.

Whether or not you’re budget-minded, keeping track of another subscription and another system you have to worry about updating and integrating feels like a lot of work. Unless you’re paying for top tier plans, you’re also not going to stand out nearly as much.

There’s a simple way to get the same function of LinkTree — but with unlimited customizability. You can make your own social bio link by creating a social media landing page on the plan you’re already hosting on. 

How To Create Your Own Social Media Landing Pages

You may be wondering about the best link in bio options for your social accounts. The best option is to make your own customized page for visitors to peruse. There are two ways to create your own social media landing pages.

Create A Social Media Landing Page From Scratch On WordPress

1. Confirm your plan allows you to add an additional site. Register the domain of your choice and point the A records to your host.

2. Pick a template for your landing page. There are several free one-page templates available.

3. Customize the content to add all your relevant links.

4. Select your background image, color palette, and any other customization you want to implement.

5. Publish your site and start putting the link in your social media bios.

Create A Social Media Landing Page With An Existing Plan On WordPress

1. Create a new page on your existing website.

2. Customize the content to add all your relevant links.

3. Select your background image, color palette, and any other customization you want to implement.

4. Publish the page, and utilize a link shortener like bit.ly to create your URL for social. Place the shortened link in your social media bios.

Worried about analytics? There are free plugin options available in the WordPress Plugin Library, as well as integrations for Google Analytics.

Fast and Easy Link in Bio, Meet Fast and Easy Hosting

Sending your customers to a link in your bio is a great idea. Don’t let your business acumen stop there. If you’re sending your customers to sale items, videos, or your blog, you’ve got to pair that with fast-loading pages.

When you host with Nexcess, you’re not just getting superfast loading and a rock star built-in CDN, you’re also gaining access to analytics like Plugin Performance Monitor, Sales Performance Monitor, and WooCommerce Automatic Testing. All plans include an array of curated, premium plugins and add-ons that make running your site easy peasy.

Take charge of your social media bio and get the best hosting for digital commerce all in one. Try Nexcess today!


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