June 29, 2022
Best celebrity websites

Celebrities work constantly on building and maintaining their personal brand using all available means the global web offers. This includes a strong social media presence, social network marketing strategies, and of course using modern platforms to create a spectacular celebrity website.

The teams behind celebs are often ahead on the latest web design trends. And you may be surprised, but WordPress is the platform of choice for the vast majority of celebrities due to the unlimited possibilities for customization.

All the impressive designs created by famous people to stay connected to their supporters can teach us a lot when it comes to developing a unique brand identity. Today we are going to take a look at the best official celebrity websites, and see what makes them so eye-catching and popular.

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The best celebrity websites

1. Calvin Harris

URL: https://calvinharris.com

Platform: WordPress

Calvin Harris is a big name in the music industry. His celebrity website draws the attention of his fans to his upcoming music releases and show dates. You can find all the latest singles and albums the DJ produced along with their colorful cover art on his website.

The top menu allows you to navigate through pages and turns into a side menu on mobile — a great representation of adaptive design widely used by celebrity websites. But what is so distinguishable about the website is the chosen color palette and abstract illustrations, which appear to be a top website aesthetic trend topping the charts in 2023.

Calvin Harris has one of the best celebrity websites

Calvin Harris decided to go with black and white — all-time classics that make the website minimalist and a bit retro in style. The Love Regenerator page is a perfect example of using geometry in web design — geometric shapes are powerful elements that go a long way in building a great visual. Using a minimalist approach allows your visitors to concentrate on what you have to offer without being distracted by overwhelming content and flashy designs.

Calvin Harris' minimalist approach on his celebrity website

2. Ariana Grande

URL: https://arianagrande.com

Platform: Drupal

The famous pop diva has done a great job building an impressive online presence. Ariana Grande's website gives fans an opportunity to keep up with the famous singer's music releases along with the ability to buy her merchandise and subscribe to email updates.

The famous singer decided to go with a pastel color palette and distorted typography to bring attention to her newest albums. The light blue background color conveys a sense of muted sophistication.

But it does not end there. Ariana uses lines to delineate sections on her website, which is especially visible in the mobile version. Linework is considered one of the major web design principles and is said to give a web page a sense of cleanliness and structure.

Ariana Grande celebrity website

3. Reese's Book Club by Reese Witherspoon

URL: https://reesesbookclub.com

Platform: WordPress

The famous actress does not have a personal celebrity website, but is engaged in multiple projects, including her famous book club. This website provides all the latest updates on readers' activity and new books added to the club. Reese is known for her optimism and love for everything vivid and eye-catching — so it's no surprise that she chose bright colors for her book club's website.

Reece's Bookclub is one of the best official celebrity websites

Bright colors have made an elegant return to web design to help keep your viewers engaged with the content. Chosen as the main website design colors, yellow, white, and blue help Reese’s site exude happiness, positivity, and optimism. Bigger and louder topography, combined with colorful illustrations make the content relevant and more appealing to viewers. The website design is perfect for book lovers and other creatives.

Reece's bookclub is one of our favorite celebrity websites

4. Rihanna

URL: http://rihannanow.com

Platform: WordPress

Rihanna uses her website to share her music, as well as fashion and makeup trends and advice. Her website is an excellent example of a collage style implementation — the main page features a series of Rihanna's photos reminiscent of an Instagram account page. Every photo leads to a web page presenting the latest news, music videos, or other information the famous singer would like to share.

Black and white are the most contrasting colors to use in web design, and they make this celebrity website look elegant, luxurious and powerful. Impeccable motion graphics and geometric lines make the website even more chic, which aligns with the famous singer's personal brand. Overall, the black and white color scheme makes for a timeless combination that will never go out of style.

Rihanna has a beautiful black and white theme on her celebrity website

5. The Weeknd

URL: https://theweeknd.com/

Platform: Crownpeak

The famous Canadian singer made his official website minimal and very retro-style. The Weeknd is considered one of the biggest torchbearers of retro in the music industry in recent years, and his website's design perfectly aligns with his professional image. It also uses black and white as its main colors, but we can see how different it is from Rihanna's celebrity website.

The singer chose minimalism, making the web pages simple and well-structured. The pop culture star decided to make use of all modern web design trends, including creative topography, linework, and abstract illustrations.

The Weeknd's celebrity website has a minimalist theme

The photo gallery on the main page deserves our special attention. As we keep scrolling through the singer's photos, we find ourselves floating through space with the images acting as planets we keep passing by.

The Weeknd has one of the best official celebrity websites

6. Usain Bolt

URL: https://usainbolt.com/

Platform: WordPress

World-famous athlete, Usain Bolt, chose WordPress to bring all his web design ideas to life. It is one of the more informative and well-structured celebrity websites — it provides all the latest news on the athlete's professional life and contains links to his social network accounts and the projects he is involved in.

A screenshot from the Usain Bolt website

A very interesting design choice that definitely catches your attention is the background image on the homepage, which displays Bolt’s world record-breaking 100m sprint time of 9.58 seconds, the achievement he’s most well-known for.

The athlete’s team definitely knows how to use web design trends to his advantage. A dark color palette, responsive design, and nothing that can be described as excessive makes the website one of the best celebrity athlete websites online.

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