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Site Migration & Switching Hosts

We know that moving to a different host can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Our migration service provides free migrations from your current hosting service to your account with us — with little or no downtime. You can be sure that our expert staff will perform the migration with great care and precision, no matter what control panel or account access you have on your old host.

Free Hosting Migration

Migrations are performed Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. eastern standard time.

In order to take advantage of this offer on your managed hosting plan:

  1. Receive your Nexcess welcome e-mail.
  2. Open a support ticket.
  3. Provide your current host account information.
    • SSH access — preferred and will be the fastest
    • FTP
    • Hosting Control Panel

Once we have your account info, we'll move your ticket into our migration queue.

Migrations are performed Monday through Friday, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. eastern standard time (as this is a lower traffic time for most sites) on a first come, first served basis. Accommodations can be made for those whose business hours or time zones differ. Let's face it: Who can pass an offer like this up? We just ask for your patience, as depending on complexity, it could take up to one week to get it fully migrated.

If you have any questions about our migration service, please feel free to e-mail and we'll answer any questions you have to make sure you're completely comfortable with the process before going ahead with it.

Switching to Nexcess

You've made it to our switch page so you're not entirely happy with your current host or maybe you're just curious what else is out there. We'll keep this brief and give you five bullet points about why we think we're a better solution than your current one:

We Care

We're people. We provide a service and we work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We're proud of what we do and we show it by providing great service at a good value. Just a good value you ask? Well, we're not the cheapest Web host on the block and while we think our value is great we'd rather bill it as good and surprise you :).

We Provide An End-to-End Solution

We started small back in 2000 but have since grown to offer a wide variety of solutions including Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Enterprise Hosting and Michigan Colocation. Every service we provide was driven by a client's need and we will continue to respond as client's have specific Web hosting needs.

Our Staff is Our Staff

More and more often firms are outsourcing their support, IT, sales etc departments to folks who aren't actually staff. This works if what you're outsourcing isn't your core business but all too often support is outsourced to the detriment of both the company and its clients. Every one of our employees that comes in contact with clients are just that, our employees. If you call us then one of our staff will answer and if you e-mail us one of our staff will respond.

Our Facility is Our Facility

There are thousands of Web hosting firms and you would assume this means that each of these firms owns and operates their own data center facilty. The short answer is no, most Web hosts outsouce this critical infrastructure to an existing facility. There's nothing sinister about this (we did this same thing) but often hosts will allude to owning/operating their facility which is simply false and misleading. As of October 2006 we own and operate our own data center facilities located in Southfield, & Dearborn, MI.

We Make (and admit) Mistakes

We're human and we make mistakes. There, I said it. We don't make them often but when we do we're the first to acknowledge our mistakes. Why is this point in our bulleted list? Because we think it's important to note that honesty is a big part of being a good service provider and we try our best to treat all clients with the same respect and in the same honest manner we'd like to be treated.

The Switch

Switching Web hosting companies can be a pain. There are easily a dozen factors that have to be considered when moving sites from one host to another beyond having to learn all of the new hosts systems. Even after your files are copied over you still have to worry about syncing your database content, setting up e-mail accounts/aliases/groups, working around e-mail issues or mis-delivery, changing your DNS information and possibly site downtime depending on how well planned all of the above is. If you're running an E-Commerce site that can not only cost time but lost revenue and/or lost client confidence while you work out the kinks.

Don't worry! If you're considering a switch but are just overwhelmed by the prospect of moving your site physically over to our systems just leave it to us. We're happy to deal with all of the planning and execution of the move for FREE and better yet, there will be almost ZERO downtime (if any) if you follow our plan.

Just contact us before your previous hosting contract ends and we'll walk you through the process and then on a day you specify we'll move your site over, huge or tiny, painlessly and without downtime. We can accomodate your site's schedule by moving late at night or early in the morning. Don't worry about your site using SSL or a database back-end as we have techniques for all of these scenerios.

If you're looking to switch hosts and have questions about the process just ask and we can help you every step of the way.