Liquid Web, and one or more of its family of brands including Nexcess and SolidWP, respects the legal process, the law, and the privacy of its customers. Except as required by law or in the event of utilizing a third party vendor that is contractually prohibited from using personally identifiable information other than purposes for which their services are retained, Liquid Web will not release customer information or customer account information to a third party without the express consent of its customer. A valid subpoena, court order, or warrant is required to compel Liquid Web to disclose the identity or account information of a Liquid Web customer.

After receiving a request, Liquid Web will promptly notify its customer whose information is being sought and provide the customer with an opportunity to move to quash the request in court. Liquid Web, however, will not provide notice to its customer if prohibited by law, regulation, or court order, nor will it provide notice in exceptional circumstances, such as when the customer’s account has been disabled or hijacked or in emergencies.

Liquid Web will notify its customer via e-mail. If Liquid Web does not receive an objection in writing by the deadline set forth in Liquid Web’s notification, Liquid Web will provide the requested information. Even if a customer objects, unless the customer moves to quash the request in court or takes other steps to relieve Liquid Web from its obligation to comply with the request, Liquid Web may provide the requested information.

From time to time, responding to a subpoena may require that Liquid Web temporarily disrupt its customer’s service. Liquid Web will seek to minimize any such disruptions; however, when a disruption is necessary, Liquid Web will have no liability to its customer arising out of the disruption.

Liquid Web reserves the right to seek reimbursement for the costs it incurs in connection with responding to a request. The costs are $5.00 for mail delivery charges and $0.25/page for copy charges. For more detailed requests, Liquid Web charges additional costs to comply but will provide you with the costs prior to processing such request.

All requests must be submitted in English and in writing to:

Liquid Web Inc.

Attn Legal Team

2703 Ena Drive

Lansing, MI 48917


Or by email to

As of February 1, 2020, Liquid Web no longer accepts notices sent to


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