All Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses assigned to Customers remain the sole property of Nexcess and can only be used within the Nexcess networks on active services. In the event of service termination, the IPs will be reclaimed and reused by Nexcess.

Guidelines For Allocations.

Nexcess recognizes that IPv4 addresses are a scarce resource. The Regional Internet Registries (“RIR”), ARIN, RIPE and APNIC have set forth requirements for IP allocations. The RIRs require Nexcess to document that they are efficiently utilizing existing assigned addresses and are planning efficient utilization of any addresses being requested. RIR policies promote conservation and deter wasteful use or stockpiling go IP space. Nexcess is required to comply with these policies or we will be unable to receive additional allocations of IPv4 addresses from the RIRs.

All Customer IP requests will be reviewed by the Nexcess IP approval team to ensure efficient utilization. We do not guarantee IP requests will be approved. Nexcess reserves the right to refuse IP requests for any reason it deems necessary.

Once an initial request of IP space has been submitted to Nexcess, we will review the information provided and may request additional information. IP requests are not guaranteed to be completed within a specific period of time. Accounts with overdue invoices, previously unpaid balances or unresolved abuse complaints are not eligible for additional IP allocations.

Customers may use assigned IP addresses as long as the usage is as descried in the justification process. Nexcess may review IP usage and request information to confirm IP allocations are being used as approved during the justification process. Nexcess reserves the right to reclaim IP addresses that are no longer used in accordance with the IP Address Allocation Policy in effect at the time of review.

Technical Justification.

Nexcess will not allocate IPs to Customers unless there is a technical need for IP addresses. If Nexcess determines there is a reasonable method of avoiding using additional IP Addresses, the IP request will be denied.

Privacy of IP Address Information.

Nexcess is required to provide Customer reassignment information for all IP addresses. Nexcess does so by publishing publicly viewable “rwhois” data. Details provided by Customers in the Customer Portal in the “rwhois” contact record. Details provided in the IP address requests may be shared with the RIRs upon request by the RIRs to demonstrate Nexcess’s adherence to policies of efficient utilization.

Last Updated: 08.26.2013