Products to add to your agency’s website design services

Web design services are often one-shot sales. You create the website, and then the customer moves on. But what if you could generate additional revenue from that customer on an ongoing basis?

One-shot customers are expensive because it takes time and money to land those new clients. But when you can keep earning revenue from the same customer for longer, your return on investment (ROI) goes way up.

Upselling services related to web design, like maintenance, or providing additional services, such as hosting through a partner program, builds your income stream while giving your clients what they need to make the most out of their website.

Our list of what services web designers offer gives you a great starting point for comparing your offers to other agencies. And our additional services list is full of great ideas for add-on services to strengthen your company’s appeal to customers.

Let’s look at what services website designers usually offer and how you can stand out from the crowd.

What are website design services?

Website design services create new websites or redesign existing websites. But it isn’t just about making a website look great. Web design incorporates branding while keeping in mind elements of design like user experience, website responsiveness, and usability. In addition, web design services are well-versed in coding custom style sheets (CSS) and HTML and in using programming languages like JavaScript.

Professional web design services entail building a custom website that aligns with a brand’s image and speaks to a target audience’s interests.

A good website goes beyond how it looks. And if visitors land on a website but bounce shortly afterward, it hasn’t done its job. That’s where web design services really shine by ensuring high-quality user experience and website functionality.

But if end users take it upon themselves to build a website, especially if they’re unfamiliar with coding, the outcome is often a website that runs slowly and is awkward to navigate.

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What are the basic web design services offered?

Basic web design services offered by web design agencies are relatively similar and cover a core set of services to result in a functional website.

These usually include website design and creation, basic imagery, search engine optimization (SEO), domain name registration, and a mobile version of the website. However, each agency has its own way of doing business, which means the scope of work provided might differ.

The basic website design services often include the following:

  • Website design: Whether customizing an existing template or working from scratch, website design is the core web design service and involves creating the look, text, and functionality of a website. Each design usually includes a set number of pages within the website.
  • Website redesign: Updating old websites to match current company style, trends, and functionality needs. Changes can be minor or complete reworks.
  • Stock photography/images: Most agencies offer a limited number of stock photographs, graphics, and videos to be used in new website designs.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): A great website design doesn’t help if it doesn’t appear well in search results. SEO services usually include creating sitemaps, ensuring readability, naming image file names correctly, and incorporating image alt tags.
  • Domain name registration: Most web design agencies register domain names on behalf of their customers for added convenience.
  • Google site verification: Some agencies help in the Google site verification process by uploading required HTML pages or HTML tags. Verification enables you to access more search data and can change how bots crawl your website for SEO purposes.
  • Mobile responsive design: A responsive web design is a second version of a website that is optimized for mobile viewing. It provides users with a perfect viewing experience regardless of screen size and navigation tools tailored for mobile devices to minimize bounce rates.
  • DNS changes: While DNS changes are part of web hosting, many agencies offer clients help to change their DNS as a courtesy because many clients are unfamiliar with the process. The DNS allows a user to move their website without changing the domain name.

While the above are part and parcel of a web design company’s services page, there’s a wide range of additional services they can offer to existing and potential customers to increase revenue.

What additional web design services can a web designer offer to their clients?

Offering additional website design services allows you to win more business from existing clients and provide more value.

A good web design service can attract companies, but it is the extras that convert leads into paying customers. Optional additional services that provide value to the customer during and after the design improve revenue.

Additional services that are single-purchase items help improve immediate revenue. Add-on services that are subscription-based recurring charges help increase the length of time you earn revenue from each customer.

Your customers will appreciate having more services with one provider — making managing their expenses easier, helping them leverage your expertise, and extracting more value from your service offerings.

These additional services all work together with standard website design services.

Website hosting through an agency partner

Website design services agencies benefit from working with a web hosting partner.

One of the best ways to make more money and, better yet, create a steady flow of income is to sell web hosting services. Managed hosting packages include powerful support features for you and your client, like security, technical support, and customer service.

Partnering with a managed hosting provider through an agency partner plan brings you commissions and a solid hosting solution to offer your clients.

With the Nexcess agency partner hosting, you can:

  • Scale your business and manage multiple clients with ease.
  • Access around-the-clock premium support for you and your clients.
  • Get free migrations for your clients' websites with the help of specialists.
  • Provide transparent pricing.
  • Enjoy increasing commissions as your referral revenue grows.

At the end of the day, you’ll free up time to focus on running your business while your agency partner handles the hosting, including security and managing backend administration tasks.

And it's free to join!

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the top marketing methods and continues to reign supreme. On a global scale, email marketing revenue is projected to reach $17.9 billion by 2027.

Email marketing includes email newsletters, promotional emails, loyalty program emails, and welcome emails. With email newsletters, for example, businesses can introduce new products, share industry news, promote loyalty programs, send seasonal greetings, or offer special discounts.

Ecommerce clients can benefit from sending emails after cart abandonment or browsing abandonment. With cart abandonment rates at 68.7% in the U.S., saving some of those abandoned purchases is a high priority for most businesses.

Email marketing services are perfect for establishing recurring revenue streams for your business since needs are ongoing.

There are plenty of emailing tools like ConvertKit or Mailchimp to help you provide email services to your clients.

If you don’t have the resources to offer email marketing in your web design services package, consider partnering with an email marketing provider as an affiliate.

Ongoing maintenance and design

Ongoing maintenance and design help your clients keep their websites up to date.

Continuing maintenance and design packages after you complete one-off website design projects is one of the easiest ways to continue producing revenue from existing clients.

Maintenance packages add value to clients because many do not have the internal technical staff to handle technical issues on the website or manage routine updates properly.

Maintenance packages often include uptime monitoring, backups, minor bug fixes, speed verification, scanning for vulnerabilities, and plugin updates.

Ongoing design packages help your clients keep their websites current and visible. Ongoing design can include changing text and images on existing webpages, adding new pages to a website, and adding new features like forms or chatbots.

Ongoing maintenance and design packages can be structured as subscription services so that you generate income even if the client doesn’t use the service all of the time.

Subscription add-ons are a leading source of continuing income. For example, companies using the Recurly billing platform gained incremental revenue of $480 million from add-ons in 2022 alone.


Specializing in website design services puts you in a unique position to offer branding advice to your customers. You’re trained in design and have seen what works and what doesn’t, so you are in a great position to help your clients create strong branding.

Your clients will need solid branding to cut through the online clutter, distinguish themselves from the competition, and strengthen the memory of their message with target audiences.

Branding entails a company’s logo, typography, visual design, and voice. Branding can involve creating email design templates to help your customers stand out in a crowded inbox, designing ads to promote their products and services, and developing a brand style guide.

Branding should be consistent across marketing channels to ensure a brand is easily recognizable amongst competitors and to promote brand awareness.

Graphic design and photography

Graphic design and photography add value for clients who may not have internal design departments.

Graphic design includes creating infographics, banners, packaging design, pamphlets, and imagery for social media and blog posts.

Like good graphic design, attention-grabbing photos can encourage conversions in addition to building credibility. Appealing product photography, for example, is a great way to get users to add items to their carts in ecommerce.

Besides product images, high-quality photos are useful for marketing campaigns, advertising, website imagery, and for headshots for social profiles and company publications.

If you don’t have strong graphic design or photography experience, you can partner with graphic designers and photographers to outsource services.

Traditional marketing

While digital marketing tends to get a lot of attention, traditional marketing is far from dead. Traditional marketing tactics include TV advertising, radio commercials, print ads, billboards, and direct mail.

Implementing traditional marketing for your customers can maximize conversions, enhance their marketing strategies as a whole, and put them in front of a larger audience. Especially customers whose target market consists of local audiences.

Pay-per-click (PPC) and social media advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media advertising supplement organic digital marketing and can help small businesses get the word out cost-effectively.

If you’re already providing copywriting services to clients, such as landing page copy or keyword research, managing PPC and social media ads for clients is a natural fit as an additional service.

The most common PPC advertising is Google Ads. While much social media advertising is paid per click, it is usually thought of separately as it pushes ads to a target audience instead of waiting for the audience to search for a term like Google Ads.

Creating PPC and social media advertising includes writing ad copy, creating visual components for social media ads, A/B testing to ascertain which ads perform best, setting up tracking such as UTMs (Urchin Tracking Modules) or Google Analytics, ad scheduling, and tracking results based on your clients' goals or business needs.

Website analytics

Offering website analytics as part of your website design service adds value for customers.

It’s not unusual to find that some business owners measure their website’s performance on an ad hoc basis or, worse, don’t know what to measure success against.

Offering website analytic services expand your offerings and help your client.

Website analytics services include:

  • Helping clients identify which metrics to track and measure success for.
  • Measuring content attribution or content effectiveness.
  • Setting up reports (using Google Analytics, for example) detailing your findings.
  • Optimizing a website for conversions using analytics data.

Tools like Google Analytics or host-provided analytics tools can help you.

Content creation services

Our web design services list wouldn’t be complete without including content creation services.

Content creation is turning ideas into tangible content for distribution. It is usually made up of text and visual elements. Content includes landing page text, blog posts, case studies, ebooks, research reports, and videos.

For example, as per a 2022 Wyzowl report, 89% of customers reported buying products after seeing videos.

If you have a team of in-house writers, you can offer copywriting services and content refreshing as part of content creation. From landing page copy to email copy to product page copy, there’s no limit to what you can offer.

If you don’t have in-house resources for content creation, consider outsourcing to freelancers or another agency, especially one specializing in the type of content your customers need.

Compelling content can help your clients meet their goals while adding an additional revenue stream for you.

Website checkups

If you’re already offering website care packages to clients, offering website checkups are a great addition and can help sell your maintenance packages. Like website maintenance, your clients might be too busy to do this themselves or don’t know what to look for.

For a website checkup, test website links and the navigation menu, check indexing, spot test website speeds, make sure the responsive design is working on all devices, check for broken containers, missing images, and generally make sure all is working as it should.

If the website checkup can find errors introduced from haphazard updates by your client, it is a great opportunity to suggest an ongoing maintenance or design package where your agency handles those duties and prevents the discovered errors from recurring.

Social media management

Social media management is a natural fit to add to your Website design services.

As per a 2022 survey by Statista, there are over 434 million social media users in North America.

An active social media presence helps businesses with increased brand awareness, more traffic to their sites, increased sales, a better understanding of their target market, and improved brand loyalty.

But many companies don’t have internal staff to handle social media and assume website design companies handle it. Meeting customer expectations by offering social media management can increase customer satisfaction.

Social media services include creating and managing accounts on various networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, interacting with audiences on the accounts, and social listening. Most social media management also includes creating and managing a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

Buffer, HeyOrca, Hootsuite, and SocialBee are popular tools that can help you create content and post on a schedule for multiple accounts and clients.

Reputation management

A company’s reputation is vital for attracting business. The rapid spread of online reviews can make maintaining a good reputation even harder.

Keeping tabs on what people say online is cumbersome. Plus, with a bad review, the quicker the response, the better, which makes monitoring reviews all the more important.

Providing reputation management services to find and respond to potentially problematic reviews is an attractive offering to most companies. While no one can guarantee zero bad reviews or that bad reviews will be removed from the internet, you can mitigate any damage.

Reviews of local businesses are actively researched by customers, with 98% of people reading online reviews before shopping. In addition, negative reviews that go unanswered can be costly for your business.

Reputation management generally includes reviews on social media and your clients' Google Business Profiles, so it works together with offering social media management.

At the end of the day, your clients can focus on running their businesses while you safeguard what may have taken them years to build — their brand.

Final thoughts: products to add to your agency’s website design services

Adding products that can continue the customer relationship after your initial website design service helps increase your revenue from each customer. It enables you to win more business from existing clients resulting in a higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

Plus, some additional products, like web hosting through an agency partner program, are low effort and almost passive income. On top of that, you’ll forge longer-lasting relationships with customers and make their lives easier since they won’t have to spend time and effort seeking these services elsewhere.

The Nexcess agency partner program enables you to create additional income streams, access expert guidance, and drive business growth while providing a product your clients need.

Get started with our agency partner program today, or learn more about our affiliate partner program.

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