September 23, 2021

With WordPress being the most popular CMS for websites, using affiliate links is as easy as ever. There is no need to be intimidated by having to understand code or integrate other tools.

This guide will help you understand how to use affiliate links in WordPress. Keep reading to learn strategies for promoting affiliate products on WordPress.

Create Your Content

Posting affiliate links for the sake of posting affiliate links is not an effective way to earn commissions. The secret of successful affiliate marketers is that their first priority is not to make money, above all their mission is to educate and help.

Most often the way to do this is by creating content — whether that’s blog posts, videos, courses, etc. Creating your own WordPress website is a good first step.

If your goal is to be successful with affiliate marketing, then focus on delivering helpful content to your readers. The value you can provide by answering questions, suggesting solutions, or teaching something new will earn the trust of your audience. Answer the why and how questions of your audience to promote and sell products as an affiliate. Answer questions such as:

  • Why is this product useful?
  • How will it help your audience?

By educating your audience with answers to these questions, the possibilities of seeing clicks and sales from your affiliate links is greatly increased. This is because after educating your audience about a problem and solution, you can better recommend a product to help them.

Content gives context to your affiliate links. So teach first, then sell.

Get Your Affiliate Links

Once your content is finished and the writing and editing is complete, then it is time to think about adding affiliate links.

First you must decide which product you want to recommend in your content. That company will most likely have an affiliate program that you can join and create an account with your unique tracking links.

Getting your affiliate links is fairly easy and for this example we will use Impact, which is what the Nexcess affiliate program uses. However, there are many affiliate platforms which will vary depending on each company.

After joining an affiliate program, you can login and locate the area for links. Impact displays a widget on the main dashboard. Simply select the company and copy the link URL exactly. This link will include the tracking so you can earn commissions for the sales you generate.

Create an affiliate link

Pro tip: If you work with multiple affiliate programs, it is a good idea to create a spreadsheet with all of your affiliate links for easy access to save time.

Affiliate Link Placements

Now that you have your affiliate links, you must determine where to place your links within your content. The goals are to direct your audience to the company’s product, and invite them to click on your links.

Having too many link placements can look bad and yet having only one link is not ideal. In general, placing the link 2-3 times throughout your content works best. And the link should definitely be present when mentioning a product for the first time.

Using a combination of text links and CTAs (call to action) is enough to let readers know where to click. CTAs are simply prompts for the audience to take the next step. The purpose is attracting the eyes of your audience without overshadowing your content with large obnoxious links. In this case, the intended action is clicking your link and making a purchase.

Here are a few examples:

  • Click HERE to learn more
  • Get Started
  • Check Prices HERE
  • Sign up for more…

Bold text or buttons will make your CTAs more visible. This is the perfect location to mention incentives such as promo codes and sales to increase the likelihood of generating more clicks.

When you are ready to place your affiliate link, WordPress makes it very easy. Simply click or highlight the location, select the link icon, and paste the link you copied. WordPress allows links to be embedded into text or images and set up to open a new tab.

Insert the affiliate link in the anchor text

Pro tip: The option to open links in a new tab allows the reader to see what you are linking to without navigating away from your content.

Affiliate Link Destinations

This step may be considered unnecessary, but optimizing your affiliate links can help boost conversion rates. That is the percentage of sales generated from the clicks.

Most affiliate links point to the company’s homepage, and most often this is perfectly fine. But in certain cases, it is better to use a link that points directly to a specific product. This is sometimes called “deep linking.”

"Context matters. There needs to be a connection between your copy and the landing page you choose when creating your affiliate link. Don’t just link to a home page when there is a more relevant landing page you could use instead. The result? Your visitors will land on the right page and can focus on what matters — making their purchase."
— Adam Connell,

For example, if you recommend Nexcess for Managed WooCommerce hosting, then ideally your affiliate link should point to the WooCommerce hosting page.

Most affiliate programs have this functionality. In Impact this is located in the Ads & Links section that shows the different product pages available. Simply click Get Code and copy the link.

click Get Code and copy the link

Pro tip: Impact allows you to search for specific products and filter by brand and the type of ad.

When a company announces a sale, it is a good idea to check for updated links and new landing pages. Most companies will create unique pages for events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Bottom Line

WordPress makes it very easy to use affiliate links. Once your links are in place, and you’ve published your content, you can use various strategies to attract an audience, such as sharing on social media.

Keep in mind that it is best to lead readers to your content first. This is where they can find the helpful information they might be looking for. And after they are informed, they will be more likely to make a purchase decision which you will earn a commission for.

Remember to put the needs of your audience first. If you are consistent over time, your audience will grow and so will your affiliate earnings.

Become a Nexcess Affiliate

Nexcess has a highly trusted and successful affiliate program. If you have an audience that could benefit from hosting with Nexcess, or are interested in WordPress, let’s work together.

Nexcess offers commissions for referred clients to any paid hosting plan. Join our affiliate program today.

Wesley Whetten
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