Your business is in the cloud and on the ground

Adobe® Commerce Cloud isn’t built for the demands of growing businesses. Nexcess is.

A Magento store that sells modern chairs in a rounded doorway shape, a checkout page, product page, daily earnings report, and snapshots of furniture

How Adobe Commerce shortchanges your business

Squeaky-wheel support
Hidden fees
Strict requirements
Limited scaling
Your code is their code

Is Adobe Commerce worth the money?

Compare Nexcess enterprise Magento and entry-level Adobe Commerce Cloud
Key features
Custom-scaled servers
Unlimited customization
Autoscaling included
High-quality application support
24/7/365 dedicated support
Phone support
PCI compliance
Flexible pricing
Developer collaboration
Flexible CDN
Free premium migrations
99.998% uptime
Containerized Varnish and RabbitMQ
Adobe Commerce Cloud
Custom-scaled servers
Unlimited customization
Autoscaling included
High-quality application support
24/7/365 dedicated support
Phone support
PCI compliance
Flexible pricing
Developer collaboration
Flexible CDN
Free premium migrations
99.998% uptime
Containerized Varnish and RabbitMQ

Only the squeaky wheel gets assistance

Adobe won’t fix problems that aren’t their fault. Especially if your issue stems from a third-party service or application.
That means those little issues that come up with Varnish or PHP will require more of your time. And for most businesses, time is money.
Nexcess is here to help in any way we can, especially if it saves you time and money. Our 24/7/365 support team can help with backend configuration, troubleshooting conflicts, and software dependencies.
And unlike Adobe Commerce, Nexcess won’t take days to respond. Your business goes to the front of the line, every time.
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A Magento shopper uses a store’s contact us page for a bicycle purchase, Nexcess support representative Jeff Phillips is happy to assist
Online store sells 150 and 175 dollar chairs, a revenue report shows Adobe Commerce Cloud fees are 30 percent plus an extra 20 percent take of revenue

Prices scale faster than the platform

The initial cost of Adobe Commerce is a percentage of your annual revenue. If your business scales past your projected revenue, Adobe Commerce charges transaction fees to recoup their profit.
That’s on top of any “system overage fees” after a high-traffic sale or promotion. The hidden costs add up fast.
Nexcess is a flat-fee enterprise hosting provider. With unlimited on-demand server tuning and resource allocation, you get everything you want from Adobe — without hidden fees.
We want to help you drive more revenue, not take advantage of your success.

The Adobe development snowball

Adobe Commerce Cloud has strict requirements on the backend software versions you use. If you want to use their platform, you may need to upgrade (or downgrade) software dependencies.
That means your development team may need to drop everything to meet Adobe’s requirements.
At Nexcess, we do not — and will not — control the software versions you use. We strongly recommend up-to-date versions, but our platform supports legacy software.
If you do need to update your backend software, our elite Magento engineers can collaborate with your developers to make the process simple.
A developer in glasses smiles proudly at his code for a Magento store selling glasses, a button shows the ease of controlling backend software versions

Scaling isn’t built into your servers

Adobe Commerce sets storage and daily vCPU limits at the outset. If you exceed capacity during a traffic surge, your contract requires you to buy extra infrastructure.It’s not because your site needs it. It’s because Adobe Commerce Cloud needs it. A surprising amount of capacity goes to running the platform.At Nexcess, your servers power your needs — not our platform.With features like autoscaling and expert monitoring, your resources scale up and down on demand. Load balancing is built-in, and we don’t throttle vCPU. Your servers are custom-built to fully scale your website and your revenue potential.
Shows a website with high-definition media requiring scalable vCPUs to load fast, art includes a sculpture installation and a woman with her child

Nexcess Magento lifts conversions for automotive OEM

Nexcess Magento hosting scales faster and smarter than Adobe Commerce, saving one enterprise tens of thousands of dollars each month.
A pile of oval, square, circle, rectangle, and hexagon shapes show the precision needed to support an enterprise Magento website
A smartphone shape with an app represented by circles, duplicated in another smartphone shape with the same app with circles, only reversed

Your code is their next add-on

Adobe Commerce supports Magento modification, but there’s a catch. If they notice you’ve customized source code in a brilliant way, they have the right to monetize your work.
Without giving you any credit whatsoever.
This is because their core objective is to make money. Personalized performance and privacy are secondary to their profits.
Nexcess does not monitor how you use your application. Your code is private. Our core objective is to help your business make money, not the other way around.
Shows a Magento store for Villa Helena, a destination guesthouse, restaurant, and bar with vintage scooters, a woman in a flower crown smiles

Switch to a seamless enterprise solution

Migrating to Adobe Commerce can take months — even a year. At Nexcess, you can expect a faster, streamlined solution.
Nexcess migrations are handled personally by experienced professionals. Expect a white-glove experience with data transparency and minimal downtime.
The result? You go to market with the speed and agility you need, alongside the scalability you deserve.

What Adobe Commerce customers are saying

Unethical business practice

Unethical business practice and poor customer service. As a result I have ceased talking to them about a $50,000 Magento implementation I was looking at

- Derek

I don't like the expense

I don't like the expense and the difficulty of setting up and using the software.

- Your Design Guy D

There are a tons of bugs

There are a tons of bugs and sometimes it is very hard to figure out issues and troubleshooting.

- Adam S.

Adobe Commerce Cloud vs Nexcess FAQ

Adobe Commerce Cloud is a managed platform as a service (PaaS) for B2B and B2C companies. Their packages include hosting, premium features, upgraded capabilities, and server support for an annual percentage of a customer’s gross revenue.

With fully managed hosting from Nexcess, better is built in

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