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What makes a password secure?

Randomness is key

A strong password includes a random mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Passwords using information like addresses and birthdays are too easy to crack!

Use more than a browser

While browsers can autofill passwords, the encryption they provide isn't as strong as it could be. For more robust encryption, consider using a dedicated password security tool.

Complexity vs memorability

A random password can be too difficult to remember for everyday use. This is where using password management software or a passphrase can save you countless headaches.

At least 12 characters long

Password length is even more important than the characters used, as hackers will start with shorter password guesses before moving on to longer phrases. Longer is stronger.

One source of truth

Secure passwords aren’t shared with anyone else. Don’t write it down or send it in an email or text. Instead, set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to generate a one-time code for every login.

Unique to each account

Hackers count on you reusing the same password on multiple accounts. Generating a random password for each account is the best way to keep your data safe from theft. Try generating a new password now!

Password protection tips

Protecting your password is just as important as generating it. The National Cybersecurity Alliance recommends best practices like multi-factor authentication, periodically changing your password, and auditing your passwords using a secure breach directory.

A browser window shows a list of website accounts with secure passwords, the last password has a warning signal

Should you use a password manager?

To save time and frustration, there are management tools that can remember your passwords for you.

Cybersecurity experts recommend free tools like NordPass and Bitwarden, or paid tools like 1Password and Dashlane which cost a few dollars a month.

Password generator FAQ

A password generator is an online tool that allows you to create a secure password in seconds, instead of creating one yourself.

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