December 01, 2018
What Are The 7 Tools I Need To Optimize Images For My WordPress Site

Whether you’ve got an ecommerce site, a brochure site, or a thriving blog, if you use images on your website, you’re going to need to also think about image optimization.

7 Image Optimization Tools For Your WordPress Site

Here are seven tools that get the job done:

1. ImageOptim

By default, the free ImageOptim exactly preserves image quality, but if you adjust the settings, it will use more aggressive optimizations to get the biggest results. ImageOptim reduces image file sizes so they take up less disk space and down­load faster by applying advanced compression that preserves quality, and removes invisible junk like private meta­data from digital cameras, embedded thumbnails, comments, and unnecessary color profiles.

2. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer has a suite of WordPress plugins to help speed up your site through faster loading images. The free plugin uses available optimization tools directly on your web server or using the EWWW I.O. API to compress and resize JPG, PNG, and GIF images and PDF files.

3. TinyPNG

Make your website faster by optimizing your JPEG and PNG images automatically with using the Compress JPEG & PNG Images WordPress plugin. This plugin comes standard with Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting, making it even simpler to keep your images optimized.

4. Imgix

Imgix transforms, optimizes, and intelligently caches your entire image library using simple and robust URL parameters. With imgix, you first share where your images already live, then you resize, crop, and enhance your images with simple URL parameters while intelligent, automated compression that eliminates unnecessary bytes. Finally, customers see images fast thanks to caching and global CDN. Plus, with a pay-as-you-go plan, you only pay for the images and bandwidth you actually use.

5. is a free online tool that allows you to reduce the size of your images while maintaining quality so there is almost no difference before and after compression.


Optimus targets a lossless compression of PNG images and a slightly lossy compression of JPEG images of media uploaded to WordPress — while focusing on protecting your data. The Optimus WordPress plugin slims down the original image and all preview images of an uploaded image file and only compresses images that are uploaded to the WordPress media folder after the plugin has been installed.

7. Jetpack Site Accelerator

Jetpack’s Site Accelerator (formerly Photon) helps your pages load faster by allowing Jetpack to optimize your images and serve your images and static files (like CSS and JavaScript) from the Jetpack global network of servers. Site Accelerator uses the CDN, meaning your images are hosted on their servers, alleviating the load on your server and providing faster image loading for your readers.

Keep Optimizing Your WordPress Site

Image optimization isn’t the only way to optimize your WordPress site for speed. You can also try using a lightweight and trustworthy theme, WP Disable to decrease bloat, and GTMetrix reports for speed analysis.

Optimization never ends, and you need to always be on the lookout for the latest tools to keep your site faster than the competition.

Need a Managed WordPress Solution?

The Compress JPEG & PNG Images WordPress plugin has been vetted by our team and comes automatically packaged with your site as part of Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting.

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