April 20, 2012

Magento Used on 20% of E-Commerce Sites
A survey of e-commerce sites in the Alexa top million websites has found that, as of the first quarter of 2012, Magento is by far the most popular e-commerce solution.

Alexa Internet Inc. tracks the web use of millions of internet users and gathers information about the sites they visit. A recent analysis of their database has revealed that Magento is used on 20 percent of e-commerce sites internationally. Magento usage has skyrocketed over the last 4 months. The number of sites deploying Magento increased by 21 percent over the previous quarter, dwarfing the growth rate of its nearest competitor, Zen Cart, which grew by only seven percent.

Of the 33,632 e-commerce sites in Alexa’s top million, almost 7,000 of were using Magento, with just under 4000 using both Zen Cart and VirtueMart. Open Source e-commerce platforms dominate the list; more than half of all e-commerce websites in the top million are released under an open-source license.

The survey also examined the relative popularity of e-commerce platforms in the top 100,000 websites. In this segment of the market, enterprise and bespoke e-commerce solutions become more popular. IBM’s WebSphere and Oracle’s ATG make a strong showing, with 11 percent and 7 percent of sites respectively. However, Magento once again blows away the competition. Magento has more than double the number of users of WebSphere, its nearest rival, with 345 sites out of the total of 1,655, compared to WebSphere’s 185.

Magento’s open source development model and active community have allowed it to mature into the world’s most flexible and reliable e-commerce platform. It is now the platform of choice for vendors ranging from multinational corporations to mom-and-pops across the world.

Thousands of companies, including Samsung, InterFlora and Olympus have been richly rewarded for choosing Magento as the platform around which to build their online retail presence. Magento allows companies to avoid the vendor lock-in associated with proprietary e-commerce software, giving them a powerful foundation that can be adapted to suit the needs of their business.

With Magento’s upcoming 1.7 release, which packs a host of new features, including backup and rollback functionality, improved navigation, and a redesigned mobile theme, we expect to see it go from strength to strength in the coming months, cementing its position as the leading international e-commerce solution.


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