January 27, 2020

When deciding what platform to build a website on, one of the more common questions is about what types of websites WordPress hosts. The answer? Anything! While you can do just about anything with a WordPress site, we wanted to focus on seven easy sites you can build without getting too in the weeds.

1. Personal Blogging Sites

Personal blogs are what WordPress was built on. And as the CMS platform has grown and expanded into other types of websites, their blogging platform has only gotten better. They are more robust and polished than ever, and with hundreds of different themes, it’s easy to customize the look and feel to whatever your blog is about, whether it’s food, lifestyle, travel, or anything else.

2. Business Sites

Business sites vary in terms of size, but remain consistent in terms of professionalism. Business sites often work best when created with the help of a developer — someone who can help to create a truly unique experience for your users (one that converts). WordPress also allows you to scale your site so it can grow as you do and utilize many different types of WordPress pages.

Some things to think about here are themes and SEO. For your business site to do well, it has to be easily found through search engines. The good news is that WordPress offers great SEO plugins that you can take advantage of.

3. Education and Membership sites

Education and membership sites have expanded what you can do with a WordPress site. They haven’t always been part of the WordPress platform, but with the introduction of plugins like MemberPass, creating them has become simple.

MemberPass is easy to set up, affords you with powerful access rules, and works with any theme you can throw at it.

4. Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites are great to display your work, whether it be writing, graphic design, web design, or something else. These types of WordPress sites are simple to create and maintain. The biggest consideration here will again be themes — luckily, WordPress has many different options for unique portfolio layouts.

5. Photography Websites

Whether you’re a professional or hobby photographer, having a site to display your images is important. Photography WordPress sites are very similar to portfolio sites, but the themes are more specific to highlighting photos. These plugins provide incredible and seamless lightboxes meant to make your photos stand out.

6. Community Websites

Community websites are great because you don’t make the content – your community does! But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on the design aspect. Pick a theme and everything else should fall into place. 

The most important part of community websites — similar to other types of WordPress sites — is the plugins, which will help you set up and navigate forums on your new site. Plugins like bbPress are a great place to start.

bbPress is one of the most popular forum plugins available. It offers a deep WordPress integration, which means faster forums and a better user experience. Luckily, bbPress is also easy to set up and comes with customizable templates for creating a forum unlike any other. 

7. Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce sites are made for large and small businesses to sell goods, and integrate very well into different types of WordPress sites. WooCommerce is an easy tool to get your online store up and running smoothly! Nexcess offers multiple Managed WooCommerce hosting plans to suit your ecommerce needs, all of which come industry-leading speed, support, security, and scalability.


Whatever types of websites you run, you need to make sure that you’re on the right foundation.

Built on a platform trusted by experts, StoreBuilder by Nexcess allows you to reap all the benefit of our Managed WordPress and WooCommerce without the complexity.

No coding experience? No problem. 

There’s no reason to start from scratch or feel overwhelmed by a blank screen. Just answer a few questions, and in minutes, you’ll have your own online store with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate homepage that’s optimized to convert your visitors to customers. Check it out!


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