November 07, 2019

Staring down the WordPress plugins page, you find yourself asking what you should be installing. You want more conversions and you have a basic idea of what that entails, but you don’t know how that translates into what you see on the page. Here are 5 WordPress plugins that can help you to boost conversions.

You’ve decided to start a WordPress site, and for good reason. Over 25% of the top 10 million sites use WordPress because it’s easy to use, the interface is intuitive, and best of all, it’s open source (meaning you don’t have to pay anything). Now all you need is a way to start and maintain conversions.

Set your site apart from underperforming competition with WordPress plugins designed to increase conversions. All while still giving you the freedom to create, share, and realize the potential of your site.
Here are five plugins – with five different reasons – for you to install on your WordPress site and boost your conversion rate.

1. Optin Monster

One of the most often cited plugins for increasing WordPress conversions, Optin Monster is great for both beginner and intermediate WordPress developers.
It works by allowing you to serve visitors to your website with opt-in forms for joining an email subscriber list or become part of a specific campaign.
Currently, the plugin is live on 276,000 websites, with a lot of success stories about how it has helped to increase conversions.
Optin Monster is great if you’re looking for:

  • An easy to use form builder
  • Integration with other marketing services
  • Advanced page level targeting
  • Behavior personalization
  • Easy A/B testing
  • Detailed conversion analytics

2. TweetDis

If you’re in an industry where thought leadership can boost conversions (most industries), then adding a little quotable Twitter magic to your blog posts can go a long way. It’s no secret that, while with some themes they are pretty, WordPress’ basic quotes have no pragmatic use – other than to make something stand out on the page.
TweetDis takes that problem and then solves it with nice looking quotes that are also directly shareable to Twitter. All that’s left for you to do is create tweetable content.
TweetDis is great if you:

  • Have an active social presence
  • Create great, tweetable content snippets
  • Are in an industry where being a thought leader is key

3. WordPress Calls to Action

We’re not huge fans of screens littered with ads for our own content. We want more space dedicated to high-quality, easy-to-read content (and some white space). Which is why when it comes to calls to action, we like this conversion boosting plugin the most.
WordPress Calls to Action will help you to place conversion boosting CTAs in your text (not along the top or in an annoying pop-up box). You can design these CTAs to look and feel exactly like the rest of your site, so they don’t interfere with the user experience. A great WordPress plugin and one we highly recommend.
Great if you:

  • Want convincing CTAs throughout your site
  • Want CTAs that don’t interfere with the user experience
  • Are looking to boost WordPress conversions in an unobtrusive way

4. WordPress Local SEO

There are A LOT of SEO plugins out there for boosting conversions. After all, one of the best ways to boost conversions is to attract more people to your site and SEO is one of the best ways to do that.
So instead of focusing on SEO in general, we’re recommending a plugin for boosting local SEO – something often left out of SEO considerations for small and medium businesses.
This is especially important if you’re a small, omnichannel business looking to make sales both online and instore. This plugin will help you to have a consistent presence across the web so locals can find you.
Great if you:

  • Are an omnichannel store looking to make sales online and instore
  • Want local customers to find you
  • Understand the basics of SEO but need to take it a step further

5. Nello AB Testing

A/B testing is one of the most vital tools in a marketer’s toolbox, regardless of whether that’s for a WordPress site or not. To finish up our list of 5 WordPress plugins for increasing conversions, we’re going with our favorite A/B testing plugin yet: Nello AB testing.
The reason we like this plugin so much is that it lets you test practically anything and lets you do it easily. That includes headlines, widgets, post types, themes, menus, entire blog posts, and more.
Nello AB is great if:

  • You want to start AB testing site elements
  • You’re looking for an easy way to implement and track differences in tests

Optimize Your WordPress Site

It takes more than plugins to fully optimize a WordPress website. Plugins will help you to increase conversions, but there are other steps to make it into the top 10 million websites on the internet.
Check out how to improve page speed (and so conversions) with simple optimizations anyone can make.


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