July 01, 2014
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Plugins are a great addition to creating the best website possible. After much research and tests run, we bring to you, a list of WordPress plugin favorites. Not only have these plugins made the list due to their popularity, but also because they are great alternatives to an expensive or failing plugin. Take a look and let us know what your favorite plugins are.

1. WP Super Cache

A popular caching system for WordPress. WP Super Cache speeds up load times and increases server performance for a better user experience all while being very easy to manage.

2. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

From a marketing standpoint and specifically in an attempt to maintain social media according to your site, this plugin is a must! NextScripts plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog or site and onto your social network accounts. What can make this better? The plugin actually offers the tool to auto re-post old posts for more efficient use of your social networking schedule.

3. Google Analytics +

Google Analytics + provides information regarding your site-analytics in incredibly detailed graphs and charts. It’s very easy to add Google Analytics JavaScript to each page on your site, and the best part is that not only will it not change your template, but it’s free.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This particular plugin is a must for the effort to improve your content while taking care of your technical search engine optimization. From looking out for alt tags in your photos to monitoring your use of keywords this is your go-to SEO sidekick.

5. SolidWP

By strengthening user credentials, this plugin saves your site from automated attacks and plugin vulnerabilities. Not only will SolidWP make regular backups of your WordPress database, but also through obscurity, it will alter the URLs for WordPress dashboard areas in order to hide vulnerabilities.

6. WP Google Drive

While it is very important to back up your content on your WordPress site, with WP Google Drive, it actually backs up your site to your Google Drive account. This plugin is built to back up your WordPress files in the most convenient way.

7. Easy Pricing Tables
Like many of our customers, you are offering a service or product on your site that has multiple pricing options. Easy Pricing Tables is exactly what it sounds like, a very clean and easy way to create an attractive presentation of pricing options to your audience.

8. WP Inject

In a perfect world, you could find and insert free photos into your blog post or website without even leaving your dashboard. Welcome to your miracle! WP Inject does just that. You can search for images, and according to WP Inject, the images will be inserted within just three clicks.

9. Super Socializer

There are definitely way too many social media plugins in the world to name, but this one is a favorite. With Super Socializer, you have social login capability, which allows for social sharing and integrates social media commenting.

10. Anti-spam

I’m sure you have seen that Akismet is considered the most popular and downloaded plugin for WordPress sites, however, after many tests have been run, it has been found that 10% of legitimate comments were marked as spam by Akismet. So here is a great, free alternative: Anti-spam. As your traffic spikes you become more susceptible to spam in the form of fake comments on your site. This particular plugin monitors your comments, filtering out the spam without the use of a captcha function.

What are some of your favorite WordPress plugins?

Chris Farmer
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