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WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Web hosting at Nexcess

Nexcess offers WordPress hosting on all of our Web hosting accounts . Your server will be configured from day one to support WordPress on your website, if you choose to use your WordPress hosting for blogging or as a general content management system.

About WordPress

WordPress is a very popular blogging and content management system (CMS). WordPress is written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database backend. WordPress allows users to easily set up and administer a blog, and includes many useful features:

  • Quick and easy posting/editing of blog entries
  • A wide variety of plugins
  • Support for both dynamic and static pages
  • Excellent support for multiple templates
  • Powerful anti-spam and comment moderation tools

WordPress is a very popular choice for bloggers who want to run their own blog on their own website, as opposed to using blogging sites like blogger. It can also be used as a more general content management system, and its templates can be easily be customized both for functionality and to integrate a WordPress driven section into a larger website.

Getting Help with Wordpress

If you need help getting WordPress installed and configured on your Nexcess Web hosting account, or have other problems using the software just open a ticket and we'll help you as quickly as possible. You could also check out our WordPress tutorial for help getting WordPress set up on your account.

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