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Dojo Toolkit Hosting

The Dojo Toolkit is a powerful, modular javascript library that allows developers to more easily add a variety of powerful front-end interface elements to their web applications, including menus, tabs, tooltips, drag and drop functionality, etc. Dojo is open source, and is licensed under the BSD License and the Academic Free License.

Dojo's powerful javascript tools are supported on all Nexcess hosting services. Dojo also features Ajax communication via its own abstracted wrapper, making it easier for developers to take advantage of Ajax's unique interface possibilities in their projects. Another interesting feature of Dojo is its ability to store data server-side via its own namespace.

Getting help with Dojo

If you're a Nexcess client and need any help getting Dojo set up and working on your hosting account, feel free to submit a support ticket, and one of our support techs will help you out!

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