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LAMP Hosting and Support

The acronym LAMP refers to a common Web hosting combination that utilizes free and open source software to provide an affordable, powerful hosting environment:



The operating system that the server runs. Linux is a powerful, modern UNIX-like operating system ideally suited to the Web hosting environment because of its stability, cost and excellent networking capabilities.


the software that is used accept and process web page requests. Apache is the dominant web server software and is extremely powerful, flexible and widely used.


a relational database, MySQL provides a powerful and flexible way to organize, store and retrieve data.


the popular programming language, PHP allows the creation of dynamic website applications. Sometimes the "P" in LAMP also refers to Perl or Python, two other popular web programming languages.

Unless specifically requested by a client for a dedicated server , all Nexcess hosting plans are set up on LAMP servers. This allows our hosting clients to take advantage of the enormous array of powerful (and often free) web software available for this platform. For some examples of the kinds of software that run on our LAMP servers, visit our software page .

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