Episode 30: An Introduction to Headless ECommerce
August 27, 2019


If you’ve been reading about Ecommerce and online store building over the past year or so you’ve probably heard about something called headless Ecommerce. Headless Ecommerce uncouples the online store element from the front-end client interphase. This provides store builders the freedom to extend beyond the traditional constraints that have provided structure to online shopping.
As an online store builder your main responsibility is to be aware of what this trend means and what its implications are for your business. If your clients ask you about headless Ecommerce, you need to understand it enough to explain it to them and have a constructive conversation about whether this is the best path forward for your online store.
On this episode you’ll hear:
  • A concise definition of headless Ecommerce
  • An idea of what this might look like
  • The main advantages of shifting to headless Ecommerce
  • If headless Ecommerce is right for you
  • The main drawbacks of headless Ecommerce
  • The technical requirements you will deal with if you go “headless”
If you’re interested in some expert analysis of the headless Ecommerce trend, then this is one episode you won’t want to miss!