Envira Gallery, Nexcess Bring Beauty and Performance to Hawaii Photographer’s Website


Many individuals hire photographers to capture big life events — weddings, newborns, family portraits, and more. A good photographer can capture the essence of the moment to last a lifetime.
As such, the professional photography industry is growing. Estimated at $36.42 billion in 2021, the photography industry is projected to be worth $44.07 billion by 2025.
With growth comes a competitive landscape. A quick Google search will show you just how many photographers there are for every niche imaginable. It’s undeniable: the world of professional photography is competitive. And that makes it all the more critical to stand out online.
When prospective clients want photos done, they reach out to local photographers to schedule sessions — but first they research their options online, as consumers do with just about any purchase.
In order to stand out, it’s imperative to have a beautiful, high-performing website to showcase your professional photography. That’s exactly what photographer Chelsea Heller wanted in her website.


Gone are the days of hauling the family to the photo studio for a professional portrait in front of a backdrop. Now, professional photographers take their clients out to scenic and meaningful locations to capture them out in the world’s most beautiful places.
Located in Maui, Chelsea Heller had the perfect backdrop for her professional photography business, Chelsea Heller Photography. With photos taken on the beach, in the jungle, or in front of scenic sunsets, Chelsea Heller needed a website to share her work with the world — and to show off her stunning portfolio.
She hired Chelsea Kohl of FLYING 'OKOLE to create her website — one that would represent her brand, attract prospective clients, and showcase her photography. Kohl works mainly with WordPress websites as a freelance developer. When building Chelsea Heller’s Photography website, she was careful in her WordPress plugin selections.
The imagery needed to be the star of the show — so Kohl selected the premium WordPress gallery plugin, Envira Gallery.
"The support is awesome. The level of detail for WordPress specifically is just what I need — especially as a one-woman development show. It’s nice to have technical support outside of yourself that’s on call."
- Chelsea Kohl


In her experience, Kohl had worked with other WordPress gallery plugins, but she selected Envira Gallery because of its flexibility, as well as the look and feel it provided.
Chelsea Heller Photography
Given that this was a photography website, she needed the photos to be the main focus — and it was critical to showcase them just right. She also wanted a plugin that would protect the copyrighted images from being downloaded from the website.
With other gallery plugins, Kohl found that it was harder to get the imagery on the website just right. She had difficulty getting the photos to lay out correctly on the site. But Envira Gallery provided her with the right levels of customization, and she liked how it centered photos in masonry view — something other plugins lacked.
Kohl is a fan of Envira Gallery and purchased a Lifetime License to continue using it in the future.

Powering Sites With WordPress Hosting from Nexcess

Kohl also happens to be a customer of Nexcess. She relies on Fully Managed WordPress hosting by Nexcess to host her own personal website, as well as a number of other sites she works on.
“The support is awesome,” says Kohl. “The level of detail for WordPress specifically is just what I need — especially as a one-woman development show. It’s nice to have technical support outside of yourself that’s on call.”
With WordPress experts available 24/7 to help, Nexcess is always there to help customers with any issues they may face.
Together with Envira Gallery and Nexcess hosting, Chelsea Heller’s photography site is not only stunning, but is also fast loading, secure, and high performing.
Learn more about the Envira Gallery plugin and fully managed WordPress hosting from Nexcess.

Envira Gallery started with a simple goal: to build a WordPress gallery plugin that’s both easy and powerful. Since launching in 2014, Envira Gallery has helped individuals, small businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies showcase their photos. Since then, it’s been downloaded over 2.5M times.
Envira Gallery builds software that helps users create beautiful responsive photo and video galleries for their sites in minutes. As a market leader, you will always find Envira Gallery leading the way to help customers gain competitive business advantage and stay ahead of the curve.
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