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More Time to Grow

Learn How Built Mighty Saved Thousands of Hours of Admin Time and Used that Time to Grow Their Business

Nexcess's experienced team dramatically reduced the number of hours Built Mighty spent working

Built Mighty started as an ecommerce web development agency with a handful of clients. After partnering with Nexcess, they were able to free up thousands of hours of administrative time, save their clients money, and expand into three specialist agencies.

The Goal

Built Mighty partnered with Nexcess to host their ecommerce clients' websites seven years ago because they needed one thing: a reliable hosting provider who offered application-specific, expert support. The problem with most hosting companies is that their support teams are pretty good at handling the simple asks, but often don't have the deep expertise to handle and solve complex issues.
When Jonathan came to Nexcess as a partner, it was after years of working with hosts who claimed to offer managed hosting, but still lacked the expertise to really save his team the time they were looking for to gain more bandwidth.
He wanted to make ecommerce sites better for his clients, through technical customizations that put them in a position to grow. For that, he needed a host who understood WooCommerce and Magento well enough to save his team time on launches, and SSH access to make changes immediately so his team could complete projects on time
This kind of domain knowledge and specificity is very, very helpful in troubleshooting problems. The people on the Nexcess team were able to understand what we were trying to accomplish.
- Jonathan Martin, CEO of Built Mighty
Jonathan Martin, CEO of Built Mighty

The Results

Once Jonathan and his team made the switch to Nexcess, the amount of time they spent working with hosting support shrunk substantially.
On average, Built Mighty reported a savings of 50-80% on their clients' monthly hosting bill (in addition to being an agency owner who's able to clock out at four every day).
Making the switch to Nexcess has reduced their time spent launching projects by 97%, and freed them up to grow into what is rapidly becoming a family of brands.
I go home at 4:00 and don't answer the phone after that. I don't want to answer the phone at midnight or on the weekends. I want somebody else to take care of that, and Nexcess does that really well.
- Jonathan Martin, CEO of Built Mighty