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Your Business is More Than
Space on a Server Rack

Rackspace® hosting doesn’t compare to the speed, security and scalability of Nexcess Magento Cloud.

How Rackspace Hosting Hurts Your Revenue Potential

Slow Response
Unexpected Price

Does Rackspace Hosting Give You Your Money’s Worth?

Compare Nexcess Magento Cloud vs. Rackspace Hosting

Key Features
Nexcess Hosting
Speedy Magento CloudYesNo
Auto ScalingYesNo
Staging EnvironmentYesNo
Dedicated Magento SupportYesNo
Nightly Automatic Malware MonitoringYesNo
End of Life ProtectionYesNo
Extensive Magento Knowledge BaseYesNo
Flexible Contract TermsYesNo

Don’t Get Left Behind.
Stay Ahead.

Rackspace services provide server space, but after that…you’re on your own. It’s up to you to get your money’s worth.

Not at Nexcess

The best of Magento is built-in and easy-to-use, so you can grow your business faster.

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More Revenue Potential. More Speed. More Support.

Deliver Success with Nexcess Magento Cloud

Lower Overhead

More capacity, always-on security and 99.9% uptime.
Better value than Rackspace hosting!

Auto Scaling

Drive more sales on high-traffic days without crashing.
Zero overage fees!

Lightning Speed

Boost performance with cloud acceleration.
A Nexcess exclusive!

Platform-Specific Support

Support from experts who live & breathe Magento.
Available 24/7/365!

Free Migrations. Done for You.

Migrating to Rackspace hosting? You’ll have to do it yourself. Manually.
Save time and money with a truly FREE migration. Nexcess platform experts migrate companies like yours every day with speed and accuracy.

Performance is Built in
Saying it is one thing. Proving it is another.
Read a first-hand account of how we helped an agency's client increased their site speed by 350%


Choose a Host That Speaks Your Language

100% Magento Fluency

We are the only hosting provider with Magento expertise since its ineption. That’s because Magento was born on Nexcess servers.

Active PWA Support

Expert Magento support 24/7/365

Free Community Modules

Support for the Heart of Your Enterprise

Nexcess is so much more than hosting. Our infrastructure, capabilities and exclusive tools build and scale your business.

You’re always a click away from 24/7 expert assistance. From code to security, we help you get to the bottom of it and come out on top.

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Nexcess vs. Rackspace Hosting FAQs

They are a cloud hosting provider. Like Nexcess, they provide managed hosting solutions for ecommerce and beyond.

Rackspace ditched their Magento team years ago. Nexcess proudly supports Magento and offers far more resources, server stack capabilities and support tools than Rackspace hosting.

In hosting, dedicated servers are independent servers that you do not share with anyone else. Your business is contained within the servers you lease or own. Nexcess Managed Hosting offers both shared and dedicated Magento servers.

Yes, email is included in your migration. Nexcess also offers premium business emails for agencies and enterprises. No spam, easy-to-scale, no domain charges or hidden fees.

Learn Why 400,000+ Sites and Stores Choose Nexcess

Nexcess goes beyond by possessing a deep understanding of the applications they specialize in (such as Magento). The result has been a support team that consistently generates value, not to mention significantly quicker resolutions.
- Tom Di Domenico, iFuel
Working with Nexcess has been like having a dedicated DevOps team. We focus on helping our merchants and spend less time maintaining and updating servers. Having our clients accessible through one control panel has been a major time saver.
- Mark Lewis, Netalico

With Fully Managed WooCommerce Hosting from Nexcess Better is Built In