March 10, 2022
Welcome to StoreBuilder

Entrepreneurship isn’t always about starting the next Tesla. Many times it’s about recognizing a need and having the instinct and drive to provide a solution for it.

Take RaeShawn and LaShone Middleton whose journey to business ownership started with a community need. They are professional chefs who were laid off at the start of the pandemic. They were sitting at home binging Tiger King when they wanted to order a crab dinner, but realized there weren’t any local restaurants around that delivered.

And right in that moment, a new business went from concept to rollout. They used their contacts to buy crab wholesale, prepared delicious dishes, and put fliers up to get the word out about their venture. And in their first-week of business they received 20 orders. A dream realized.

On-the-ground, Guerilla marketing is awesome and an important part of your marketing plan. But, setting up your store online isn’t just nice-to-have – it’s must-have. But it’s all too common that the fear of not knowing where to start can keep you from getting going.

So we’ve made it easy. Super easy. Really.

Introducing StoreBuilder

StoreBuilder helps you get your store started and launched faster than any other solution in the market. Getting started is simple. By answering a few questions about your products, industry, assets you have (content, images, etc.), and whether or not you’ve already started an online business, we’ll use industry insights to build your storefront for you.

And it’s your store, customizable the way you want it. Instead of choosing a theme that looks like everyone else’s, StoreBuilder uses research, insights, and artificial intelligence to create a custom ecommerce template for your store.

So, if you’re a clothing store with 500 products, we’ll layout your store in one way. And if you’re a pet store with 10 products, we’ll lay it out in a completely different way.

Meet Sandra and Todd

Do I Have to Be a Developer or Know One to Use StoreBuilder?

One of the best aspects of StoreBuilder is that anyone can use it, regardless of technical ability. We’ve built it on top of the most flexible content management system ever – WordPress. WordPress works specifically with WooCommerce, which is one of the most customizable ecommerce platforms in the world.

Does StoreBuilder Have Everything I Need to Get Started?

StoreBuilder includes all of the functionality you need to sell your products online, add products to carts, and seamlessly checkout with shipping costs & tax calculations.

For WordPress whizzes, this is a fully managed product. That means we manage the updates & backups on our side, but you still call the shots. We also offer superior security from the pros at SolidWP which only takes a few minutes to set up and is the virtual lock for your new online business.

What Makes StoreBuilder Smarter Than Other Website Creation Services?

With StoreBuilder you inherently reap the benefits of lessons learned from research of over 1,000 ecommerce merchants. StoreBuilder creates the custom store you’ve been dreaming of, designed the way you want it, and optimized for your industry. Just tweak a few headlines, add a couple of product photos, and you’re ready to launch!

What If I Need Help?

Whether you’ve never heard of WordPress or WooCommerce or you’re a WordPress professional, we’ve got experts ready to help you 24/7/365.

I’m Ready. How Do I Get Started?

Ideally you’ll have your logo and brand colors ready, some information about your product(s) and product photography, and any assets like videos to put on your site.

Ready? Set?

Go build your store!


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