October 12, 2022
New feature release

Atlanta, GA — Nexcess, the premium provider of managed hosting and cloud solutions optimized for managed WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento, announced today a new partnership with Object Cache Pro, the leading enterprise plugin for Redis object caching.

Valued at $95 a month, the premium plugin will be included free of charge on Managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce, dedicated WordPress clusters, and flexible cloud plans. The partnership brings together Nexcess' highly performant managed hosting solutions with the reliability of Object Cache Pro, giving every customer a premium, enterprise-grade caching experience — not just the higher tier accounts.

Object Cache Pro will be installed on all new Nexcess sites with a valid plan and available for existing customers to activate.

"Every site and store owner is looking to improve speed and performance, especially when their livelihood depends on their site performing well,'' says Carrie Wheeler, EVP and Chief Operating Officer.

"Object Cache Pro is a premium caching plugin that eases the load on customer databases and server hardware to deliver queries faster and thus, speed up application performance. And because we know it is so important to help our WordPress customers run faster, more performant sites, we're building it into our plans — for free," says Wheeler.

Caching content is one way site owners can reduce latency and increase page speed. Dynamic content, such as carts and forms, cannot be cached in the same manner that static content like blogs can. High-traffic websites with many products need a reliable and fast solution that those standard solutions simply do not cover. Object Cache Pro provides users with improved performance using lossless compression technologies — delivering queries faster without bogging down the database.

"We're all about reliability and performance, so partnering with the like-minded team at Nexcess was a natural fit," says Till Krüss, the developer of Object Cache Pro. "We love seeing them push Object Cache Pro to its edge."

"We're thrilled to partner with high-quality solutions like Object Cache Pro to enable better performance and profitability for our customers. Our mission is to make WordPress easier for SMBs and their creators and part of that is taking performance concerns off the table. It's a great example of how we're using our expertise to drive continuous innovation for WordPress and WooCommerce so that Nexcess is the best place for SMBs and creators to build, manage, and grow their sites and stores online," says Wheeler.

Object Cache Pro is the latest offering to an already robust lineup of new and free features added to Nexcess Managed WordPress and WooCommerce plans, including these Nexcess exclusives:

  • Plugin Performance Monitor which provides actionable and prescriptive insights to improve site performance.
  • WooCommerce Automated Testing which runs nightly tests and displays the status of critical tests at a glance.
  • Sales Performance Monitor provides critical insights into online store revenue and sales trends, and its intelligence engine alerts store owners if sales slow down.

To learn more about the Object Cache Pro plugin, visit their site. For more information about Nexcess, visit nexcess.net.


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