July 26, 2022

ATLANTA, GA. Jul 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nexcess, the fully managed, high-performance, digital commerce platform built to optimize online sites and stores today announced the release of The 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Survival Guide, a definitive resource for ecommerce store owners preparing for the busiest and most critical time of year.

Ecommerce sales show no sign of slowing down. Throughout 2022, US ecommerce sales are expected to topple $1 trillion. Ecommerce sales will hit 20.4% of all retail sales across the globe this year, just over double from five years prior, according to Statista.

To help online store owners experience a successful holiday selling season, the guide provides site optimization techniques and best practices to increase conversions and prepare online stores for the holiday selling season. The season-by-season handbook outlines when to start testing your site, refining your strategy, running ads, and much more.

“Nexcess is well-acquainted with the significant challenges that the holiday season creates for businesses of all sizes,” says Terry Trout, SVP of Marketing. “We’ve helped customers successfully navigate these hurdles for over 22 years, and we’re hoping to empower more of them with this guide.”

“Ecommerce is seeing growth in every product category. That means more opportunities to make a sale. Nexcess has the tools and resources to ensure your online business sees that same growth, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro with ecommerce.”

Decisions like migrating, expanding an online business, or taking a store global all require time and preparation. Add to that supply chain issues, and there is no shortage of reasons for ecommerce business owners to get a head start on the holiday selling season. What’s more is that ecommerce is quickly becoming the standard for holiday shopping across the globe.

Competition in the world of online shopping will only get more fierce. The best way to stand out is to have a fast, user-friendly website. Getting one means putting in the work – and work takes time. Starting ecommerce holiday prep this summer ensures business owners will be ready for Black Friday to Christmas and beyond. The 2022 Ultimate Ecommerce Holiday Survival Guide advises readers on how to keep online stores performing well and customers happy all year round.

To learn more about holiday readiness, read The 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Survival Guide. For more information about Nexcess, visit nexcess.net.

About Nexcess

Nexcess is the best place to build your business online. Optimized for your commerce needs, we provide a managed hosting infrastructure, curated tools, and a team of experts that make it easy to build, manage, and grow your business online.  Serving SMBs and the designers, developers, and agencies who create for them for more than 22 years, we provide a fully managed, high-performance cloud solution built to optimize WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento sites and stores. As a company within The Liquid Web Family of Brands, we collectively manage 10 global data centers, have more than 500,000+ sites under management, serve over 170,000 paying and 2.5 million freemium software customers spanning 150 countries, and provide unparalleled service from a dedicated group of experts 24/7/365. As an industry leader in customer service, the rapidly expanding brand family has been recognized as an industry leader and among INC. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies for twelve years.

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Nexcess, the premium hosting provider for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento, is optimized for your hosting needs. Nexcess provides a managed hosting infrastructure, curated tools, and a team of experts that make it easy to build, manage, and grow your business online. Serving SMBs and the designers, developers, and agencies who create for them, Nexcess has provided fully managed, high-performance cloud solutions for more than 22 years.

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