October 13, 2021

Nexcess Provides the Easiest And Fastest Way To Build A Store On WooCommerce

ATLANTA, GA. October 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/— Nexcess, the leader in open source digital commerce, today announced the addition of exclusive feature enhancements to StoreBuilder, an intelligent, no-code eCommerce solution that makes building and managing a store on WooCommerce the easiest on the planet.

StoreBuilder leverages the power of WooCommerce, the fastest growing eCommerce platform for store owners and store creators today. WooCommerce is an extension of the WordPress open source technology platform, which powers over 40% of the Internet and an estimated 64 million websites. Store owners and creators choose WooCommerce because, unlike proprietary SaaS solutions, it offers unlimited flexibility, with no hidden transaction fees — and store owners control and keep their own data. And now, Nexcess has made it easier than ever for owners and creators to choose the power of WooCommerce to build their store on WordPress and WooCommerce.

With features exclusive to Nexcess, StoreBuilder dramatically simplifies the store building and maintenance experience:

  • An intelligent WPQuickStart Wizard delivers an intuitive, easy-to-build homepage in minutes, ready for customization & content, and optimized to convert site visitors into loyal customers.

  • Included in StoreBuilder, Kadence Theme Pro & Kadence Blocks Pro build beautifully designed — and unique — websites with unlimited flexibility.

  • A simplified WordPress Admin dashboard streamlines access to the most critical components needed to build and maintain an online store. This custom dashboard is available only at Nexcess and simplifies the building experience for WordPress novices. It also makes it easier for designers and developers to turn over finished stores to clients with a dashboard that won’t overwhelm users.

  • Saving time, money, and potential downtime, the ability to go live with a store directly from the WP Admin dashboard means customers no longer need to toggle to other portals to take a store online.

  • Plugin Performance Monitoring technology checks page speed scores daily, discovering which plugins are slowing down a site and how website changes are impacting performance.

  • Sales Performance Monitoring keeps an eye on sales with an intelligent engine that identifies and alerts store owners about sales trends and declines, so they can take immediate action and get back on track.

StoreBuilder is the best of WordPress and WooCommerce. Quickly and easily build, deploy, and manage capabilities, plus get hundreds of dollars’ worth of features packaged for only $19 a month. And, the solution is backed by the expertise of Nexcess — where customers can count on performance, reliability, support, and ongoing optimization on the most customizable ecommerce platform in the industry.

“Our exclusive capabilities within StoreBuilder help store creators get online faster than starting from scratch. With a few simple inputs, you can begin building an ecommerce store in minutes. Then continue managing your site with a simplified dashboard,” says Carrie Wheeler, EVP and COO.

“We’ve combined the power of the WordPress and WooCommerce platform (unrivaled flexibility, unrivalled community, and complete platform ownership) with the stability, support and ease you’d find in a SaaS platform like Shopify. StoreBuilder from Nexcess means store creators can now choose open source WordPress for their online business without sacrificing speed to market or ease of use.”

“The product was launched in response to our clients' needs fueled by the explosive growth in small and mid-size businesses moving online and requiring smart store building solutions,” says Wheeler.

“StoreBuilder furthers our commitment to developing open source solutions focused on enabling fast-growing online commerce experiences tailored specifically for the WordPress and WooCommerce community.”

About Nexcess

As the trusted leader in open source eCommerce for over 20 years, Nexcess has been helping merchants and digital agencies of all sizes start, manage, and expand their online businesses. The company delivers eCommerce solutions across the spectrum from just starting out to major multinational online brands.

From the first managed WooCommerce offering to a market leadership position in Magento Cloud solutions, Nexcess is a leader in store building. Our proven infrastructure, outstanding performance and unparalleled eCommerce expertise powers over 45,000 global sites and stores across The Liquid Web Family of Brands.


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