April 19, 2022

ATLANTA, GA. April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nexcess, the fully managed, high-performance, cloud platform built to optimize online sites and stores, today announced the release of “The Best States to Launch an Ecommerce Business,” a definitive guide ranking of all fifty states based on how conducive each one is for launching an online store. The guide is based on a study conducted by Nexcess which evaluated economic outlook, local taxes, and more.

As digital commerce experts, Nexcess empowers entrepreneurs to open high-performing online stores, all backed by the power of fully managed hosting. Given the recent acceleration of ecommerce due to the pandemic — and its continued projected growth — the time has never been better to open an online store.

For instance, throughout 2022, ecommerce sales are expected to topple $1 trillion for the first time — which is two years earlier than initially anticipated, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

“At Nexcess, our goal is to help entrepreneurs who want to make money online,” says Terry Trout, SVP of Marketing. “We’ve been the trusted leader in open source ecommerce for over 22 years, helping merchants and digital agencies of all sizes start, manage, and expand their online businesses.”

“Skyrocketing ecommerce trends are being fueled by new businesses starting or moving online and we’re evolving our solutions to help these entrepreneurs with simplified, no-code ecommerce solutions that make it fast and easy to build a store.”

While the beauty of ecommerce is that online shopping can be done from anywhere, at any time, Nexcess conducted this ecommerce study to determine which states provide the best environment for new, online businesses. From a state’s tax climate to infrastructure concerns, several location-related factors were considered in the study by Nexcess.

For instance, the state in which one launches an ecommerce business could play a more significant role in operations than one may think. Several states across the country offer more advantages for new digital entrepreneurs, which may influence the success of their business — and that’s how the ranking for “The Definitive Ranking of the Best States to Launch an Ecommerce Business” was calculated.

Scores for each state were determined based on four factors:

  • Tax climate — Including corporate, individual, and sales tax.
  • Economic outlook — Including job growth, new business survival rates, and the Small Business Policy Index (SBPI).
  • Infrastructure — Including internet access, power grid reliability, and road and bridge quality.
  • Financial Resources — Including venture capital rank and SBA loan availability.

The study found Florida to be the most conducive state for new ecommerce business owners, followed closely by Utah and North Carolina. Top states boasted low tax rates for individuals as well as organizations, strong economic outlooks, and robust resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.

To learn more about the study and see how all 50 states rank, read “The Best States to Launch an Ecommerce Business” here.

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