Membership Site Ideas for Your Next Business

If you want to start a membership site but are unsure what to offer, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of the best membership site ideas. Review the ideas below and keep reading for more on how to launch your membership site quickly.

1. Cooking and Meal Prep

Do you love to cook? Are you the type of person who excels at planning their meals? Meal delivery services are popular because they take the hassle out of menu planning. People who want the convenience of having someone else prepare their meals without overpaying for groceries will gladly pay a membership fee to download weekly meal plans and recipes.

2. Fitness and Weight Loss

Remember the importance of a value proposition. Successful membership sites deliver a value that encourages subscribers to renew their membership. Helping members achieve their goals — especially related to fitness and weight loss — is an attractive value proposition.

Fitness and weight loss membership site ideas include:

  • Diet-specific recipes and meal plans
  • Workout plans
  • Workout instructions

3. Sports and Outdoors

If you’re a golfer, you're familiar with the never-ending quest to improve your swing. Providing educational content and an online community geared toward specific sports is the perfect niche for a membership site. The same type of content also performs well for outdoor activities, such as fishing.

4. Financial Coaching

Most people don’t receive financial literacy training. Financial content provides an excellent basis for a membership site because it has a broad appeal. Everyone has to figure out how to manage their money best.

Financial membership site ideas include:

  • Budgeting advice and templates
  • Investing
  • Cryptocurrency

5. Life Skills

People need help with more than just money management. Adulting is hard. If you create content to help people learn essential life skills, you have the foundation for a solid membership site.

Life skills membership site ideas include:

  • Home buying
  • Yard maintenance
  • Homeownership
  • Car maintenance
  • Home organization
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Time management and organization

6. Travel

Most people love to travel. However, not everyone enjoys planning their travel. If you can provide content that will save people time or money on vacation, they’ll gladly pay for a membership. For example, provides advice and trip planning tools to members to help them save money and spend less time waiting in line on trips to Walt Disney World.

7. Crafting

If you’re a crafty person, you might assume selling your work on Etsy is the only way to monetize your hobby. But, online crafting communities and membership sites are increasing in popularity. For example, you could create educational courses or videos for members or offer your patterns as downloads.

8. Podcasts

If you produce a podcast, a membership site creates another revenue stream besides advertising. Podcast membership sites could include additional gated content, an ad-free podcast version, or community space for discussion.

9. Templates

Templates make good content for a membership site because you can monetize them as a recurring subscription or one-time access. If you have an extensive template library that you update regularly, you could sell a recurring subscription. If you only have a handful of templates, you could sell lifetime access to each template.

Template membership site ideas include:

  • Graphic design templates
  • Presentation templates
  • Contract and business document templates
  • Stock photos and illustrations
  • Stock video
  • Website templates
  • WordPress themes or plugins
  • Calendars, to-do lists, grocery lists, and other organizational templates
  • Meal plan and exercise templates

Turning Your Membership Site Idea into Reality

If one of these membership site ideas inspired you, check out our step-by-step guide to starting a membership site. When you’re ready to start building your website, consider hosting with Nexcess.

Nexcess fully managed hosting is optimized for WordPress, which means you'll have a faster, more secure, and scalable website. Check out our plans to get started today.

Lindsey Miller
Lindsey Miller

Lindsey Miller is a WordPress and WooCommerce expert and Chief Executive Officer of Content Journey, a content marketing agency that focuses on increasing organic website traffic for their clients through SEO and blogging. She knows WordPress inside and out and has been working with WordPress since 2010 when she started her first WordPress blog. Since then she has attended WordCamps all over the world and had the honor of speaking at many WordCamps and other WordPress events such as WooSesh and WordFest. Lindsey has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in human relations, clinical mental health from the University of Oklahoma.

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