December 31, 2015

Magento 2Magento 2 and PHP 7 are now available, and we are ready to host them! Read on for answers to your most pressing questions regarding their availability.
Can I just upgrade my store to Magento 2?
No. Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path from Magento 1.x to Magento 2. You will need to recreate your store, and we strongly recommend you fully test your Magento 2 store in a development environment before shutting down your Magento 1.x store.

I’m not sure if I want to upgrade to Magento 2. Where can I see a site built with Magento 2?
As it turns out, we host a demonstration site for this very purpose.
I am a current client on a dedicated or cluster plan, how do I test Magento 2?
Contact our Support Team, who will both create your development environment and install Magento 2 for a $25 fee. Should you decide you want to re-launch your store in Magento 2, we will work with you to schedule a migration from your test environment to your live site.
I am a current client on a shared plan, how do I get Magento 2?
Contact our Support Team, who will alter your plan as needed. Please note there is no direct upgrade path from Magento 1.x to Magento 2; you must create a new storefront and manually copy data from your old store, and our Support Team cannot help you with this process. However, GitHub provides both a Code Migration Toolkit and a Magento 1.x-to-Magento 2 Converter, or you could hire one of our development partners to assist you.
I am not a current client, but would like to become one. How do I get Magento 2?
Contact our Sales Team, who will tailor a hosting solution to your needs and guide you along the way.
I have a development environment. What’s the easiest way to install Magento 2?
For development environments, you can use Composer, which allows you to streamline the installation and management of Magento and its components. We support Composer on all of our Magento packages, and you can learn more about it and download it here. Attention: Because Composer relies on third-party code, we do not recommend Composer for use on production sites.
Will Magento 2 work with Varnish?
Yes, and without any modifications. However, we only offer Varnish to clients with dedicated or cluster plans.
Where can I find metrics regarding Magento 2 performance?
As mentioned above, we host a demo site built with Magento 2 and PHP 7, and here is our latest performance report.
PHP 7 is available? Should I get it?
Magento 2 will work with PHP 7 and will almost certainly accelerate your site’s performance. Magento 1.x can also benefit, but requires minor changes to the Magento code for compatibility.
If you are a client and want PHP 7, contact our Support Team, who will install it for you. However, we urge you to test PHP 7 on a development site and research your extensions’ compatibility with PHP 7 before deploying it to your live store.


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