October 12, 2018

Chris Lema, our VP of Products and Innovation at Nexcess, was recently interviewed by Christine Preusler from HostingAdvice.com to discuss our new Managed WooCommerce Hosting solution. The HostingAdvice.com article reviews the platform in depth, breaking down many facets of the plan, including the integrations with Jilt for cart abandonment, the types of stores this platform is made for, and the features it provides.

With new research supporting that many store owners are considering launching a store as a new sales channel in 2019 as a growth tactic, Lema decided it was time to launch some new Basic Plans that would help jump start stores to success more quickly. “It’s primarily for really small stores or owners with new ideas they want to try out,” Lema said. The new Beginner Plan starts at $28/month (after a 28% discount for the first two months).

Todd Terwillegar
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