May 02, 2019

The two biggest challenges faced by eCommerce retailers are getting people to the store and getting them to buy something when they arrive. Marketing is the domain of solutions to the first problem, and WooCommerce has many features to help bring shoppers to your store. Some are built into WordPress and WooCommerce, but many of the more sophisticated marketing tools are available as plugins and integrations.
In the WordPress world, there are excellent plugins for every possible problem, but in this article we’re going to highlight five marketing plugins that those new to WooCommerce should know about.

Google Product Feed

Google Shopping is one of the most important marketing channels for eCommerce stores. If your products aren’t included in Google’s dedicated shopping search engine, they won’t appear in desktop and mobile searches. Google Shopping is a paid service — to be listed, retailers pay for Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads. They also have to submit a feed of their products via the Google Merchant Center.
The Google Product Feed plugin generates a feed of products and associated metadata in the correct format. Retailers can choose which products and fields to incorporate, including additional data that isn’t normally available within WooCommerce. The plugin creates feeds compatible with Google and Bing.

Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin

Yoast’s SEO plugin is one of the most popular WordPress marketing plugins. It adds numerous search engine optimization features, including input elements for meta description and title tags, content auditing tools, and internal link suggestions. WooCommerce SEO makes these features compatible with WooCommerce and adds a number of eCommerce-specific features, including improved breadcrumb navigation and rich social media posts for Facebook and Pinterest.

WooCommerce Instagram

There are over 500 million Instagram users, many of whom use the platform to discover products and follow their favorite retail brands. The WooCommerce Instagram plugin allows retailers to showcase Instagram images with a specific tag on their WooCommerce store.


OptinMonster is a cloud service that provides a suite of tools for increasing conversions on eCommerce stores. In addition to high-converting opt-in forms — including exit intent popups — OptinMonster can display relevant promotions and content to shoppers and retarget shoppers who left the store without making a purchase.
The OptinMonster WooCommerce plugins brings these features to WooCommerce, providing easy-to-use forms, personalized messages, split testing, and cart abandonment solutions.


AutomateWoo is a marketing automation solution for WooCommerce. There is some cross-over of features between AutomateWoo and OptinMonster, but it’s worth taking a look at both to see which fits your needs better. AutomateWoo automates a number of common email-based marketing strategies, including follow-up emails for upselling and cross-selling, abandoned cart recovery emails, personalized coupon generation, review rewards, card expiry notifications, and more.
We’ve covered just five of the best marketing plugins available for WordPress and WooCommerce. There are many more, and you can browse the full selection on the WooCommerce extension directory.


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