December 01, 2017

Eight Exceptional WooCommerce Extensions For Your New eCommerce Store

Photo by qimono on Pixabay

We recently introduced WooCommerce hosting to our range of performance-optimized eCommerce hosting plans. WooCommerce is the perfect eCommerce platform for retailers familiar with WordPress or who want to take advantage of the simplicity and power of one of the most popular online retail solutions in the world.

Just like WordPress, WooCommerce benefits from a large ecosystem of plugins (called extensions in the WooCommerce world) to enhance and augment its basic features. I’d like to take a look at eight plugins I think new WooCommerce users should be aware of. The extensions are a mixture of free, freemium, and premium plugins that showcase the strength of WooCommerce as an adaptable and versatile eCommerce solution.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions adds advanced subscription support to WooCommerce stores. Subscription-based eCommerce is increasingly popular because subscriptions provide retailers with predictable long-term income and increase the revenue associated with each conversion.

WooCommerce Subscriptions offers multiple billing schedules with automatic payments, built-in renewal notifications, and detailed reports.

WooCommerce Memberships

As the name suggests, WooCommerce Memberships provides site-wide membership plans that can be sold, granted to specific customers, and used to create members-only areas of a store.

Google Product Feed

Google Shopping is an effective marketing channel for many eCommerce retailers, in spite of its recent tussle with the EU. For Google Shopping to accurately represent an eCommerce store’s products, store owners must provide a feed of product data to the Google Merchant Center. The Google Product Feed extension is the easiest way to supply Google with the information it needs.

Smart Coupons

Smart Coupons is the leading coupon solution for WooCommerce. As you’d expect, customers are able to buy coupons for themselves or as gifts, and redeem those coupons on checkout. Smart Coupons is also capable of automatically generating coupons in scenarios specified by the store owner.

MailChimp For WordPress

MailChimp For WordPress isn’t strictly speaking a WooCommerce extension; it’s a WordPress plugin that is fully compatible with WooCommerce and is well worth a look for any eCommerce merchants that use email marketing.

MailChimp for WordPress can add opt-in forms and other email harvesting tools to WooCommerce store, and the details will be synced right to your MailChimp marketing lists.

Product Enquiry For WordPress

This is a simple plugin for eCommerce retailers who want to be responsive to their customers’ questions and requests for information. The Product Enquiry extension includes widgets that allow customers to make an enquiry or request a quote. Requests are sent straight to the store’s owner or sales team by email.

Advanced Woo Search

Any store that sells more than a few products should invest in a world-class search experience, and it doesn’t get much better than Advanced Woo Search, which provides fast, accurate, smart ordered search results to your customers.

WooCommerce Discounts Per Payment Method

This is a simple plugin that does one job: displaying and applying discounts depending on the customer’s chosen payment method.

I’ve only looked at a small number of the available WooCommerce extensions and WordPress plugins that can be used to enhance your WooCommerce store. If experienced WooCommerce users have favorites of their own they’d like to highlight, don’t hesitate to give them a shout in the comments below.


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