November 05, 2018

WooCommerce is the fastest growing eCommerce platform for small and medium businesses (SMBs) right now. The WordPress plugin provides businesses with an inexpensive and seamless way to sell online. Considering that more than 50 percent of content websites are running on WordPress, it’s not surprising that WooCommerce is the most popular choice for SMB eCommerce.

If you are one of those businesses with a WooCommerce site, you have undoubtedly been preparing your holiday strategy for months. The holiday season brings in some of the highest sales numbers for the entire year. Projections suggest that there is $626 billion up for grabs on mobile devices this year, so it’s imperative to evaluate your WooCommerce site to make sure it is optimized to capture vital revenue. Regardless of what you’ve already done, we have some advice on simple things that can be done last minute to really maximize sales before the end of the year.

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Reduce Abandoned Cart Rates

Almost every eCommerce company suffers from high cart abandonment rates. With an average abandonment rate of 69.39 percent, this is definitely a major pain point for online store owners. While this issue will never be completely eradicated, there are several strategies you can use to combat the issue.

An unusually high cart abandonment rate typically points to a larger problem with your eCommerce site. Some of the top reasons shoppers leave before completing the checkout process include unexpected shipping costs or a difficult and long checkout process. Using Nexcess’ cart abandonment tool can help you pinpoint the reasons your consumers aren’t completing their purchase.

Be completely transparent about all costs, like shipping, taxes, and fees. That way, consumers are not taken by surprise when they get to the payment page. If you can, offer free shipping during the holidays as a special promotion. It is also worth noting that transparent business practices play a powerful role in earning the consumers’ trust.

When was the last time you went through your own checkout process? Online shoppers want the checkout process to be quick and painless. Keeping this in mind, eliminate any step that asks for unnecessary details. Consumers should only enter the minimum amount of information you need to bill and ship their purchase. Offering an even quicker way to check out, such as one-click payment, is another way to allow customers to purchase items with a single click of a button. You may also want to implement some simple design updates to create a better user experience.

boost holiday sales with a smooth checkout process

Ensure Your Site is at Peak Performance

Evaluating your eCommerce site’s performance is an essential step in ensuring great holiday shopping results. Using a trusted partner, like Nexcess, can help you by analyzing your site’s performance and reveal any areas that may need improvement.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your site speed is sufficient because traffic to your online store will likely be higher than usual during the holiday shopping season, especially on important days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The last problem you want to experience during the busiest time of the year is a site crash.

Give Your Site a Festive Feel

boost holiday sales with a festive site

Using Nexcess as a Managed WooCommerce hosting provider, you can integrate fun and attractive holiday-related themes as well as useful features through the many Page Builder plugins. Having an attractive site that is easy to use will provide consumers with a great user experience, which builds brand loyalty and helps to encourage repeat customers.

Use Social Media and Email to Drive Traffic

In today’s world, social media rules the internet. Six out of 10 Gen Z consumers use social media to shop for products and it’s a great way to grab consumers’ attention and guide them to your site. Hype up your Black Friday sales and special holiday promotions on high-performing social channels to entice customers back to your site to make a purchase.

Email marketing is another essential part of your holiday marketing strategy. Your email subscriber list is one of your best lead generation tools, especially if you send them relevant, engaging and personalized content. Leverage the user data to make informed marketing decisions on sales and promotions. Target specific types of consumers by offering exclusive discounts and promoting items similar to purchases they’ve made in the past.

To help make the preparations as easy as possible, be sure to check out Springbot’s Holiday Marketing Resources. The holiday planning checklist will help you hold yourself accountable and guide you towards making this holiday season your most profitable one yet!

Make Sure Your Website is Ready for the Holiday Rush

Nexcess’ Managed WooCommerce Hosting is the perfect platform to ensure your website stays online during peak traffic while converting more leads using cart abandonment technology. It also handles image compression and has optimized database load queries so that your site is lightning fast and you make more sales than ever before.


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