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Announcing the new Magento SIP hosting plans!

May 12, 2009

We’re excited to launch our newest product line, the Secure, Isolated Platforms (SIP). Each SIP is a tightly integrated combination of top of the line hardware and software optimized for speed, security and stability. Each SIP will be focused around a third-party web application, with the goal of providing a “one stop shop” for hosting that software.
For our first SIP we’ve chosen Magento, the popular open-source ecommerce platform created by Varien. We’re proud to be the only platinum level web Magento hosting partner, and we’ve set up Magento stores for literally hundreds of customers over the years.
Our new Magento SIP plans include everything that someone interested in setting up a Magento-based ecommerce site would need – including full PCI compliance, backups every half hour (using R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection software), SSL certificates, and a laundry list of security and performance optimizations. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out the best combination of hardware and software to use to host Magento as efficiently as possible, and we’re convinced that our plans offer greater performance and better benefits than anything our competitors offer – at a lower price!
Even better, our SIP plans offer greater scalability than any other web hosting company – your SIP plan can grow with your store! While it’s been claimed that Magento can’t be hosted on server clusters – it can be done, and we’ve done it. This means that the sky is the limit for your SIP-based ecommerce website – we can keep it up and running, no matter how much traffic it receives!


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