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Episode 7: Branding and Positioning for Store Builders

October 02, 2018 / Chris Lema


Most Store Builders are open to taking on just about any project that comes across their desk, but the most successful Store Builders focus on providing “best in class” service to clients in a specific niche.
In this episode, we talk about the benefits of specializing your business and how you can take the first step toward specialization today.
You’ll get actionable advice for how to:
  • Identify a niche that is full of opportunity and aligns with your skills
  • Charge a premium rate for a premium service
  • Communicate your new positioning in a variety of formats
  • Avoid the common mistake that most Store Builders make when niching down their positioning
Using these strategies, you’ll be able to go from being an eCommerce generalist to a technical expert who is well-versed in a particular field or platform. That will translate into more trust and authority, better clients, and a higher number of inbound referrals.
If your client qualification process is one question — Can they pay me? — you’re not doing yourself any favors. Check out our best advice for accelerating growth through branding and positioning.Click to Tweet