Episode 64: Helping Merchants with Dropping Conversion Rates
February 22, 2021


When the conversion rates for an eCommerce store start dropping, it’s all too easy to blame the store builder. Likewise, it’s all too easy for store builders to say conversion rates aren’t their problem if the tech is working.
Even if part of the store isn’t broken in the traditional sense, you may be able to find things about the store that just aren’t working and make helpful suggestions for ways to improve its operation. Just because you aren’t the problem doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the solution.
On this episode you’ll hear:
  • Why you should care about dropping conversion rates
  • Where store builders can help merchants improve conversions
  • The first things you need to do as a store builder
If you could use help improving the conversion rates of your store, then this is one episode you won’t want to miss!